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  1. Regarding the MIDI editor, there is a config by default for the CMD 4a and not possible to delete any entry. I can assign new commands, but deleting the defaults are not possible. Not possible to delete the whole mapping or create a new. Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Guys, I have the 2.51 LE version on a i7 Win7 laptop, Behringer ASIO driver 1.7 and a few questions: 1. Auto Gain, is this enabled by default and is there need of adjusting any gain during play? 2. I want to change some controlls. How is it possible deleting commands in the MIDI editor? I want to delete the FX knobs and assign filter, key, reverb etc. 3. In sync mode, manytimes I got delayed start. Why? 4. I want a screenview like attached 'photoshopped' screenshot. 4 Decks, A&B full, C&D small, no middle section. How is this possible? Thanks for support! KC
  3. Luis I tested it and it's working now!
  4. Any news on this? Can't use DD so far!
  5. Maybe that is the same bug with your frozen deck but your computer is behaving different to mine. In worst case we do a Teamviewer remote connection from you to my computer and you can see live what it is while I am doing the backspin.
  6. If I can do anything for you let me know. If you got something like a log tool, pass it over, I can reproduce this error evertime you need. Also I can record a video after sleep.
  7. As I wrote above, does not matter if ASIO driver Behringer or ASIO4ALL used, same error! If someone from the Stanton support is concerned, I can post a video. My laptop has 2 Win7 installations, on both Decka is freezing when backspinned. One is getting thw classical bluescreen, the other just freezes with additional Windows message that the program is not responding anymore. Need to be hard killed.
  8. Many times backspins let Deckadance freeze with bluescreen! Tested with: Deckadance 2.51 Behringer CMD Studio 4a with USB ASIO Driver V.1.7.0 ASIO 4ALL 2.13 Windows 7 Pro MSI GE40 (i7 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 500SSD HDD) Need support
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