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  1. RIP Neil.....Hell of a drummer and also wrote the lyrics. I don't think a day goes by when I don't play Subdivisions in my head. I will smile when I hear thunder.....Play on Neil.
  2. I too am addicted to the J45 dry thump.......Monel mediums on mine....life is good.
  3. Yep....^^^ what dhanners said....mediums. Monel Retro's and leave em on for a few months to appreciate them.
  4. My, that looked like a steal......probably worked out best for me as I would have been thrown outa the house.
  5. Medium Martin Retro Monels nail it on my 2018 J45. If you like em now....wait a month!!
  6. Nice look'n guitar and sounds like a keeper.......those ol' guitars surly have some stories to tell.
  7. Congrats on that cool J45. More pics would be nice!! What part of Ireland are you from??
  8. ++ What Jinder said. Looks like Capo mojo.
  9. I'll be your brother......Cool project and ya get cool points for the photos. Thanks for posting!!
  10. Good vibes and Karma being sent your way Sal........Strike a D chord....it seems to pull in good vibes from outa nowhere. Peace...
  11. Nice vid/track Jinder!! This tune so reminded me of Ryan Adams Prisoner LP as it would fit right in. OK, Im sold...looking forward to purchasing your CD.
  12. Heck yea....John is on my radar.....Master of Disaster!! Will be look'n for a few JH tabs next.......dude sweats Gibson!!
  13. I believe a few are....purchased the book "Kalamazoo Gals" by John Thomas. Great read and sounds silly but I can see Broadway written all over this story!! Think about it!!
  14. Well.....regardless, I wish I had your dilemma.....Eastern Med is quite spectacular and quite sure you will pull some tunes outa that clear blue water. Regardless of your final pick, you must keep us up on this post as you move and expect a few pics from you as well!! OPA!!! and have a safe journey.
  15. Gota vote for the J-35 as it is simply a great guitar. I have however, heard that the Farida 22s are very friendly to the ear.....similar to a Gibson LG2 sound/vibe. Are you taking the environment into consideration?? ie, will the guitar be in a controlled environment?? Having spent some years in the Med,.....some hot summers!! Wow, talk about the ol' only one guitar to take on a deserted island situation...I guess at the end of the day, which guitar would you miss the most?? At least you will no longer be in the "Where music goes to die".
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