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  1. OK...so now I want one. Thanks guys n gals
  2. "My oh my"......get it?.....some sweet songs flashed on this NGD!! I want a Bird!! Guess I will have to do with my .45. Not a bad situation to be in though.
  3. Congrats.......and also......David Gray Say Hello Wave Goodbye is a must.........I will try to attach a link to the song.....cover from Soft Cell?? Congrats Cranks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSXQWj0HEBE
  4. Just awesome.....at 0.11 on the video, that chord you struck had me hooked. Shook me....I miss my 12. Beautiful melody, vocals and video as well. Two big thumbs up. [thumbup]
  5. Confession time; I have never played a Humming Bird. That being said, the color of your guitar hypnotizes me....wow. Cant stop looking at it. Congrats!!
  6. Wow, nice tune......sad though.
  7. Nice sounding gig......I swear that was John Hiatt singing.
  8. Love this tune ever since watching Zep Song Remains the Same....heard it and still haunts me, in a good way . Nice job picking this out sir!! Thanks for posting
  9. Congrats on that D18. If I get another guitar, it would be a D18. Great all-round workhorse.....
  10. Hi Lars, You are blessed. I'm guessing you are a music nut like most of us that visit this section. Strike the chord and bliss....it's what we do. I am addicted to music...I hear it in my refrigerator. Keep playin' and sing'n cause it is what you do. Some great music coming outa your guitars and sounds like you are satisfied. Reminds me of an Ozark Mountain Daredevils song..."Satisfied Mind". Keep em coming Lars!!
  11. Just noticed you are from Alberta!! Got lost in Invermere BC before making it to Banf. I understand Supertramp to be very well regarded in the Great White North. If Roger comes even close to Carolina, all over it!! Again well done on Even in the Quietest Moments...Believe it or not, a nice guitar tab is available for "Downstream"...blaspheme, I know but, it does come close on a guitar. I officially now want a 12 string again thanks 2 u drathbun. Play on!!
  12. Add me to the list of Supertramp Fan. Great job with that song. Wish Supertramp would get together one last time...I understand that Rick Davis is having health issues. C'est le bon.
  13. Cannot reply to the higher action, however, I can relate to the B string "zing". I had the same issue with my j-45. Tried all sorts of remedies; new nut, strings..you name it, I tried it. This might sound crazy but the zing just went away. No idea how or what happened but it's no longer an issue.
  14. Tell ya what....I will take it off your hands for 1200!! Beautiful guitar
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