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  1. Heck yea....John is on my radar.....Master of Disaster!! Will be look'n for a few JH tabs next.......dude sweats Gibson!!
  2. I believe a few are....purchased the book "Kalamazoo Gals" by John Thomas. Great read and sounds silly but I can see Broadway written all over this story!! Think about it!!
  3. Well.....regardless, I wish I had your dilemma.....Eastern Med is quite spectacular and quite sure you will pull some tunes outa that clear blue water. Regardless of your final pick, you must keep us up on this post as you move and expect a few pics from you as well!! OPA!!! and have a safe journey.
  4. Gota vote for the J-35 as it is simply a great guitar. I have however, heard that the Farida 22s are very friendly to the ear.....similar to a Gibson LG2 sound/vibe. Are you taking the environment into consideration?? ie, will the guitar be in a controlled environment?? Having spent some years in the Med,.....some hot summers!! Wow, talk about the ol' only one guitar to take on a deserted island situation...I guess at the end of the day, which guitar would you miss the most?? At least you will no longer be in the "Where music goes to die".
  5. Yep.....J 45 and ELO....Telephone Line, a blast on acoustic.
  6. Only played one J35 and loved it.......problem is I am only allowed 1 horse in the stable, a J45. Otherwise I would have a J35 & J29!!
  7. OK...so now I want one. Thanks guys n gals
  8. "My oh my"......get it?.....some sweet songs flashed on this NGD!! I want a Bird!! Guess I will have to do with my .45. Not a bad situation to be in though.
  9. Congrats.......and also......David Gray Say Hello Wave Goodbye is a must.........I will try to attach a link to the song.....cover from Soft Cell?? Congrats Cranks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSXQWj0HEBE
  10. Just awesome.....at 0.11 on the video, that chord you struck had me hooked. Shook me....I miss my 12. Beautiful melody, vocals and video as well. Two big thumbs up. [thumbup]
  11. Confession time; I have never played a Humming Bird. That being said, the color of your guitar hypnotizes me....wow. Cant stop looking at it. Congrats!!
  12. Wow, nice tune......sad though.
  13. Nice sounding gig......I swear that was John Hiatt singing.
  14. Love this tune ever since watching Zep Song Remains the Same....heard it and still haunts me, in a good way . Nice job picking this out sir!! Thanks for posting
  15. Congrats on that D18. If I get another guitar, it would be a D18. Great all-round workhorse.....
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