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  1. I've given this a lot of thought and, realistically, my high point is that I've had any kind of career at all in music. I'll more than likely die a poor man, but, I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. I've been places and met people and seen and done things that I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have otherwise. And maybe, just maybe, I've brought something joyful into someone else's life. I thank God every day for letting me do this as much as I have!
  2. I found The Hu awhile back and said, "Wow! These fellas ain't facking around! Lord Chinggis is comin' for ya!" Also, check out Tengger Cavalry...it's like Mongolian death metal with Les Pauls and horsehead fiddles. And that's how you get the Great Wall built!
  3. Nice guitar! Welcome to the forum! I use D'Addario strings and here in the U.S., the color code is: 6th=gold, 5th=red, 4th=black, 3rd=green, 2nd=purple, and 1st=silver. In your pic, the strings look like they're the right thicknesses but, not the right colors. Do you live outside the U.S.? Perhaps the coding is different in other places, I don't know. At any rate, the string package will have a list of the color code on it if they are authentic D'Addario strings. I haven't a clue about your guitar, though! I hope this is of use to you. Peace!
  4. That's a neat guitar! I've never heard of a Starfield before either. Are they available in the U.S.? Also, welcome to the nut house!
  5. I was in a band that hosted a local blues jam and when the Blues festival arrived in August, we would host a jam with people who were playing in the festival. Well, one year, Gatemouth Brown was in the show and he came down to the jam! Needless to say, we were all very excited! When Gatemouth was up, he played a couple of tunes with Deborah Coleman (a semi-famous blues artist) and after her, I got a chance to play. Deborah handed me her guitar and off we went on Stormy Monday. I guess I got a bit excited when it was my time to play a solo and I played some things that were a bit fast. When I finished my chorus, I looked over at Gatemouth and he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me...It scared me to death! If looks could kill, I'd have been dead three or four times! I guess he really hated my playing! I learned in that moment to take my time and try not to overplay even if it's what you want to do! As I relate this story to you, I can still feel the shame that I felt then and my arm hairs are standing on end! I don't think I ever felt worse when I was playing! That was about twenty or more years ago and it still stings! Whew! I've played a lot of blues since then with a lot of folks but, I never got a look like that (and I hope I never do!). P.S. I just this minute looked up Deborah on You Tube and found out that she passed in April of 2018. Rest in Peace and thanks for letting me use your guitar!
  6. I don't know anything about the reissues. I called and emailed Ernie Ball/ Music Man about releasing the new amps in the U.S. and their answer was, "No!". Apparently, the new ones were only marketed in Japan, Italy, and the U.K.. I think I'd love to try one if they ever make it over here! Mine is from 1983 - '84 and has been recapped in 2014 and I replace the power tubes every couple of years when they start to sound a bit anemic. She does well for a nearly forty year old amp and we'll likely never part! Also, thanks for digging the video! I really enjoyed working with those guys...all original and all instrumental! I wish you the best of luck in your quest for your sound! I also enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work and, as always, stand and deliver! Peace!
  7. Hey, 'Scales! As far as the reverb goes, it works on both channels and as Pippy said, it is a nice reverb. I watched your video and think that the MM might not give you the midrange gain that I hear on the video. Some people are not fond of the gain channel on the MM amps...it's not a modern type high gain sound. I would say that it's more of a classic overdrive sound; very good for most everything but, for heavy music, maybe not so much. I will say that MM amps are very good pedal platforms and will deliver a Fender clean (they were designed/ produced by Leo) with good headroom and they are plenty loud. I'll include this video of a recording that was made some time ago to give you an idea of the sound of the amp...no effects, no reverb, just switching to the O.D. channel for the solo. The solo starts at around 3:15 so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, unless you like it. Also note that the amp is not mic'ed. I hope this helps! The sound of the Music Man RD 112 50.
  8. That's What I Like - Bruno Mars (Cool set of chords!) I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross (Man, can Nile Rodgers play!) Can't Hide Love - Earth, Wind, and Fire (Another set of great chords!) The Bird - Anderson Paak (Yes, I like soul and R&B!)
  9. Hey, Rabs! That's frigging hilarious! I've often felt that it might be time for rock's demise based on the reactions of some of the people at some of my gigs..."The Maestro asks if the guitar could be a little softer...". I began my quest as a rocker and am still a rocker at heart but, occaisionally it seems so stale. Maybe I'm just an old fart, eh? Rock isn't dead, it just smells funny! Into my favorites it goes! Pow! Thanks!
  10. I have three amps and I love them all; a Music Man RD 112 50 (a fifty watt hybrid amp with two 6L6 GC's and a 12AX7 driving a single 12"), a Carvin V3mc (also a fifty watt single 12" with four EL 84's and four 12AX7's), and a Danelectro Cadet which I call my "Lightning Hopkins" amp because it has that sound like "Gimme Back My Wig". I gig regularly and find that for almost everything, the Music Man rules. It has a beautiful sparkly clean and a nice blues/rock overdrive and is very responsive. The Carvin is good for metal/modern distortion sounds and is very versatile as it has a lot of preamp sculpting choices and multiple wattage selections (7, 25, or 50). I call it my "poor man's" Mesa Boogie. The Danelectro I only use at home and for teaching lessons as it is the only one with two inputs. I don't use any effects (not even reverb; I've grown to love just the sound of guitar...) so the amp(s) I use are important to me. Having said that though, I have found that I can get a usable sound out of almost any amp...sometimes one has to use what's provided. I use a Strat, an Epi Les Paul, and a Gibson ES-330 through all of them with equal glee. However, my favorite hands down, is the Music Man. I really cannot overstate its purity of tone, ease of use, and reliability. Whatever you're playing, brothers and sisters...stand and deliver!
  11. First, if it's in a pawn shop, it's unlikely to be a real '53...especially if it's under $20,000. There's a '53 body, no neck, no pickups, or hardware on Reverb for $10,000. I'd say it's probably a reissue that's at the pawn shop. Good luck!
  12. I like thick picks that go where I want them to go with no lag. I've been using Dunlop Stubby 3.0's for many years now; I find them to be very effective for all my picking needs. They do chirp at times when I play acoustic. I find that V-Pick's medium round is good for acoustic though some may not like it's darker sound. I've thought about trying a Blue Chip but, the one I'd like to try is $75!...I'll wait until my next life. I used to make my own picks out of plexiglass but, found that to be a bit labor intensive. So for convenience's sake, I'm sticking with the Stubbies at least for now.
  13. G Mac


    I really prefer the P90/staple sound! That's gonna be a great get Mr. Dog! Stand and deliver!
  14. Yep...everybody's right! That's a very fine Lester indeed! Congratulations!
  15. That, sir, is a beautiful Les Paul! Welcome to the forum, Bill!
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