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  1. Hey, Rore! Welcome to the forum! There are lots of nice and well informed folks here! I have an Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro that I dearly love! They go for about $550 +/- without a case. A case is about another $100 +/- for an Epiphone branded case. I haven't really tried all of the numerous LP models but, I can vouch for the quality of mine. I gig with it fairly regularly and have had no major problems that a squirt of DeOxit couldn't fix. I would definitely make sure to play before you buy, if possible. Good Luck on your quest!
  2. Looks like an ES-5 Switchmaster to me. Welcome to the forum!
  3. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
  4. Hey, jaxson50! I agree that teaching is a good road to earning a living as a jazz musician...one of the very few ways. Music has never been a way to make big money; most of us nobodies do it from a sense of love and a feeling that we are not whole unless we are creating music. Music is not what we do but, who we are. I think though that my point is that some types of music have become static; blues in particular but, jazz as well; with rock and roll following close behind. Music is, to me, a living entity and, as such, must grow. Blues, jazz, folk, rock, and really, all other genres, are not merely reflections of what has come before but also, are the unknowable innovation that lies ahead. I don't want music to become a museum exhibit; slowly decaying in a climate controlled case. Granted, music's past must be preserved, studied, and acknowledged but, it is also the responsibility of the musician to push forward the boundaries of the art to the best of his or her own ability. I feel that to be a true musician, it is not enough just to play but, one must actively seek that which is uniquely individual. Sorry, I think I've gone on another tear! I just feel very strongly about this stuff. Peace!
  5. Thanks for the info, Ceptorman!
  6. Wow! He's Damn good! Very reminiscent of Joe's Virtuoso albums...I hear a lot of Joe's licks in there. Into the favorites goes Pasquale! Thanks, jdgm! As far as Tuck goes, he and Patti are still touring and producing recordings for other folks. Here's a link to their website...https://www.tuckandpatti.com/ I think that, like other genres of music, jazz has become "codified" and academicized...unfortunate. I run across this in my travels...I'll play something and some joker will say, "That's not the Blues or, That's not Jazz!" as if they are experts in musicology. Jazz and Blues have grown past what they were in the 1940s and '50s but try to tell that to the guy at the local jam! If you want to know what these styles have become, check out Corey Henry, Robert Glasper, Anderson Paak, and cats like that. My reason for saying this is that I hope in 20 years, Pasquale might get past what was and grow into what is. Also, to be clear, I am in no way attempting to diminish his (or anyone's) obvious mastery of music; I just wish that musicians would become less curators and more innovators. Apologies for going off on a tear there, it's just something that I think about a great deal. Thanks for posting a great new listening experience, jdgm. Peace!
  7. One thing...I always lament the playing of Parker heads at hyperspeed because they are so beautifully constructed. When they're played at a medium tempo, the genius really comes to the fore. Of course, when you do that, people assume that you can't play but,... Try it sometime and you'll see what I mean.
  8. That' amazing! I would have thought it'd been earlier. It must be big to allow modern autos to get to speed! And Hell, I have trouble finding my car at Wal Mart on occasion!
  9. Really? I had no idea! What time period was that?
  10. That would be great. Indy might be the only track that's big enough for F1. Do they use a road course at Indy or would they just circulate like the 500? Also, do the Indy cars race at C.O.T.A. and, if not, why not? I'd love to see more races here in the U.S.! I wonder if Long Beach and Laguna Seca are F1 capable; they're my two favorite tracks here. Do you happen to know if there are any GT races here?
  11. Great job! I wish that the Explorer was a bit more present during the solo but, with such a large group, it's tough to get the mix right. never the less, your playing is spot on! This is one of my favorite Skynyrd songs! Thanks!
  12. That's cool! I'd like to live in a place where I could go to some Indy or F1 races... One of the things that I love about F1 is that it's not more American. European road racing is my favorite driving. I think Americans would eventually come around if given enough time. I've never been into the oval thing, though I can appreciate the endurance factor needed to keep a car running at or near full speed for that length of time.
  13. I'd love to meet him...he seems like a genuinely nice fellow. Actually, I'd like to meet any of those guys. They're all such good drivers; even if they're not blessed with the greatest rides. But yeah, it looks like Mercedes and Ferrari as far as the eye can see! They both have such seemingly unlimited amounts of money for R & D.
  14. That's a pretty guitar, D Big Daddy M! I imagine that your son will love it! Hopefully, he'll give it many years of merciless use for they are, indeed, meant to be played! I don't have any amp suggestions as I am a one amp kind of guy and I think they may be a bit more expensive than the others are endorsing. Good Luck!
  15. Truly, Dale, it's my pleasure! You are all very talented musicians and I very much enjoy your efforts! Perhaps one day I'll get to Lexington. Peace to you and "Stand and Deliver!".
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