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  1. Great job, Paolo! Nice collection of guitars as well! Welcome to the forae!
  2. That's pretty cool! Thanks, jdgm!
  3. Today would be Aaron Thibeaux (T-Bone) Walker's 109th birthday had he not passed away in 1975! He is probably best known for his song "Stormy Monday", a staple tune of blues players around the globe. He was also a pioneer of what is known as the "jump" blues and was one of the first guys that I know of that used the iii-7b5 for I7(9) substitution. He is one of my favorite artists. His voice is silky smooth, as is his playing. The clip that I have selected is a good example of his art and ability to mix with other greats! Check out his exceptional rhythm guitar work on that beautiful ES-5! Which one of us wouldn't want to own that guitar today? And, how about Clark Terry on the mouthpiece of his horn...Holy Moses! Anyhow, take the next eight minutes and eleven seconds of your life to enjoy T-Bone Walker! Killin' It!
  4. G Mac

    ID ES335

    Hey, rafalbar! I'd say your English is pretty darn good! What is your native language? Anyway, I would do just what you've already done; play a bunch of guitars and buy the one that speaks to you. Guitars, like people, have individual personalities and souls. One of them is just for you! Good luck on your quest and let us know how it turns out! Peace!
  5. Yup...it's Marc Ribot's birthday. He is now 65 years young! Those of us who know of him most likely know him from his work with Tom Waits. He has also worked with Elvis Costello and John Zorn as well as other less well known groups. He is an excellent player and often uses "prepared" guitar, i.e. putting alligator clips on the strings or weaving wire between them, etc. I saw him in the late 80's with his group The Rootless Cosmopolitans...an excellent and avant-garde(ish) show. So today, I give you his version of Dizzy Gillespie's "Caravan". Do, please, enjoy!
  6. My grandfather fought for the Kaiser in WWI. He said that they didn't worry much about the Brits or the Americans but, they knew there would be plenty of dying when they heard the pipes in the distance! At least that's the story in our family. Strangely enough, I am German on one side and Scots-Irish on the other! I personally liked Laphroaig scotch a great deal when I was still drinking. May we all live long and happily and honor the line of our forebears stretching into the dim mists of time!
  7. G Mac

    ID ES335

    Yeah...with the fretwear and the price; I'd pass on this one myself.
  8. G Mac

    ID ES335

    Depending on what kind of music you play(330's are totally hollow so, they tend to feedback at higher volumes), buy it! ES-330's are fantastic sounding instruments! I've had one for a long time and I'll never part with it!
  9. Hey, merciful-evans! I just wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know that I listened to "Traveller's Tune"...very nice! Peace!

  10. Honestly, it just slipped my mind. The Discipline group is probably my favorite incarnation of the band...I own the vinyl(bought as each one was released) and the C.D.'s(which I purchased from DGM Live) of all three records. Actually, Adrian is one of my favorite guitarists. "Twang Bar King" is an excellent record as is his first solo release "Lone Rhino". Also, check his work with Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Tom Club, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson and others. I saw Adrian with The Bears in the '90's but, have never seen King Crimson. I got to see the League of Crafty Guitarists, though. It was a very interesting show. While we're at it, let's mention Bill Bruford and Tony Levin both of whom have done a few cool things. Peace!
  11. It's a Happy 73rd Birthday to Robert Fripp! One of my favorite guitarists not only for his longevity in the music business but also for his unforgiving originality. As the founder of the band King Crimson he has made potent music since the late 60's. Many others have benefitted from being in his band...Greg Lake(from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer), John Wetton( from U.K. and Asia), Boz Burrell(from Bad Company), and Ian McDonald(from Foreigner)! He was also a guest on projects by Brian Eno, David Bowie, Blondie, Andy Summers, and Peter Gabriel. He also provided music for a version of the Windows operating system. He is a true innovator of guitar! He has also been the president of the Gurdjieff Society; an unusual philosophical discipline. I would say that, all in all, he is one of the most creative, intellectual, and ground breaking guitarists of the modern era. If you are not familiar with his work, you must check it out! Fair warning, however; it is not everyone's cup of tea. Rather than put up a King Crimson cut, I thought it would be of interest to give you a taste of "Frippertronics" from the TV show Midnight Special in 1979. As always, I hope you find it enjoyable! May he celebrate many more birthdays!
  12. Well, Rabs...that one's good, too! I guess it's time to make a dedicated mash-up folder in my favorites! Thanks for the post!
  13. Wow, Rabs! What a great mash-up! Great find! Into the favorites it goes...Fwoosh!
  14. Happy Birthday, Sir David! Planet Earth (both I and II) are fantastic as are the Blue Planet ones!
  15. Since it seems that ukes are not taken seriously, I present this bit of fake music... Nice job on the tune, by the way!
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