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  1. I always say that there are two types of Flying V fans; the ones who like metal and the ones who like Albert King (and Lonnie Mack). I fall squarely into the King group. I once had an Epiphone '59 Korina V and I sorely regret parting with it! What a sound they have! And you're right...all the Kings are spectacular! I don't know how I forgot to put B.B. in with those others!
  2. I don't know about the Epi Dots but, think of the guys that play this type of guitar: Marcus King, Freddie King, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Otis Rush, and so many others. Do you dig these guys? Then, maybe a 335 type guitar is for you! As far as feedback goes, it shouldn't be a problem with a guitar that has a block. Good luck in your quest!
  3. Glad to hear you're feeling OK, Steve! Take it from me, you won't regret giving up the smoking. Aside from the cravings (after seven years!?), it's a good habit to be rid of. And you'll find that food actually tastes like something! I smoked three packs of cigarettes +/- a day when I had my "incident". You can do it! I hope all continues to go well for you...Peace!
  4. Nice guitar, Sparquelito! I've never heard of a Devlin but, for a hundred bucks, it's hard to go wrong! It does look a lot like a Hamer, doesn't it? I hope that you find joy in each other! Peace!
  5. Welcome, Greenie! That's a great looking Paul! Congrats on rejoining the world of guitar playing!
  6. I'm glad to hear that you're back home so soon! I think your experience is a good story for arguing the reality of miracles! May you have many more years to enjoy!
  7. I looked at your posts and I don't see anything offensive so, I'll go and fix that for you. Maybe you just caught a bit of a troll somehow. Peace!
  8. There you go, man! Back into positive territory! Peace!

  9. Hey, Steve! I'm glad you're still with us! I hope that you will recover soon! I can tell you from experience that your life will change. Say goodbye to fatty meats, heavy salt, and any number of things that you may have previously enjoyed. Hopefully, you don't smoke as that was maybe the toughest of all to give up for me...I loved smoking and part of me still does even though I haven't touched one in seven years. I hope that your heart rhythm straightens out, too, as that is a most uncomfortable sensation. Please keep us apprised of your situation and ,If you are so inclined, my prayers will be with you and your family. Peace!
  10. Uh, buh! I didn't read the title plainly stating that it's your JP LP...
  11. Yet another killin' performance from the world's best cover band! Great job, everyone! Also, isn't that your Joe Perry Les Paul? Stand and Deliver!
  12. My pleasure, Pip! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  13. Yeah, Filbert! That's nice!
  14. I found this the other day and thought some of you might find it as enjoyable and charming as I have. Don't forget to un - mute it on the bottom right. https://imgur.com/gallery/PxgcJpS
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