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  1. Very nice, Guy! You can play! It's not often that I can sit through a whole tune. Best of luck to you! Let us know when and where we can get your recording. Also, tell us a bit about your beautiful 335! Peace!
  2. Technically, Stanton, Steinberger, Epiphone, and Kramer are their own companies yet are owned by Gibson. I guess if these other Gibson acquisitions have a dedicated section on the forum perhaps Mesa should as well. Maybe just a link to the Boogie Board forum. I would say that Mesa is just as iconic a brand as these others if not more so.
  3. So...Is there going to be a new heading in the Gibson Amplifiers section for Mesa Boogie? Just wondering...
  4. Hey, Marcus! Just checking in to wish you well with hopes that both you and Mora are well and have been able to avoid the Covid. Anyway, be well and keep up the good work!

    1. Marcus Nalgaber

      Marcus Nalgaber

      All is OK

      Many Thanks!!

  5. Hey, 10K! Nice tune! Good sounds on everything...good guitar work! I think it wouldn't hurt to bring the vocals up a bit though. Peace!
  6. G Mac


    Wow, Ian! That's a nice guitar! I have always wanted a Ramirez but, could never afford one. I hope that you enjoy it. It's nice to be able to play something on the guitar that is complete on its own. Anyway, you may want to look at "Melodious and Progressive Etudes for Guitar" by Matteo Carcassi ( also known as the Carcassi studies)and "Etudes Simples" by Leo Brouwer. Some very nice and mostly manageable pieces that also improve technical facility. They only contain the music though so, Noad's book(s) will be needed until you can read a bit. The Noad books are great because they start at the very beginning and contain a wide variety of beautiful pieces from many different time periods. Good Luck!
  7. Love that stuff! Thanks, jaxson50! Into the favorites it goes..."Foooop!"
  8. "C'mon, white people!" I about fell outta my seat when he said that! Great reaction video, jaxson50!
  9. I think that this may be helpful in terms of resolving this silliness. I feel that almost everyone's critical thinking skills have been destroyed by tribal/team thinking. What has happened to civil, logical discourse and well reasoned disagreement? If this stuff continues then we will surely destroy ourselves and Uncle Nikita will be proven right. Please, let's try to educate ourselves in the Constitution, logic, real compassion and the true responsibilities of freedom. I leave this link as a possible starting point for us all to memorize and use... https://imgur.com/gallery/gJIzBhK Obviously, this applies to all argument, not just that which is for or against a deity. Also, this... https://imgur.com/gallery/tWSTwoI
  10. If anyone has any doubts about Frank's guitar mastery, I would suggest a listen to Shut Up and Play Your Guitar...absolutely astounding!
  11. How about Enigmatic Ocean by Jean Luc Ponty and The Nightfly by Donald Fagen? Also, Headhunters by Herbie Hancock!
  12. I just found out that Florian Schneider has passed from cancer at age 73. He left on April 21st and it was announced on May 6th. Kraftwerk has been a big influence on me since I first heard Autobahn. After that, I bought Computer World and Man Machine. I always thought they were a groundbreaking band. For those of you who don't know them and, those of you who do...
  13. Usually, I'm practicing the songs I need to know for the gig I've got next. As a sideman, that keeps me pretty busy learning new stuff and polishing up on old stuff. Since the shutdown, I find that I've got plenty of time to work on what I want to work on and that's exciting for me. I decided that I'd go back and work on theory and technique. I usually try to put in at least two hours a day, ( occasionally more), in two sessions. I'm playing all the modes of the Major, Melodic Minor and, Harmonic Minor scales in all intervals...Seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, and octaves. That's been helping me a lot! I've been delving more deeply into chords so, I spend a good bit of time reharmonizing jazz tunes that I already know; trying to sound like the gospel piano guys from church. This has led me to explore the idea of chords as triads with various bass notes (which is how these guys think). For instance, Dm7 is an F major triad with D in the bass, or A7b9(13) is an F# major triad with A in the bottom. During my second session, I just play; searching for new chord progressions and ways to utilise the technical stuff. I also go over stuff that I just plain like to play. Yesterday it was Cantelope Island by Herbie Hancock and 'Cause We've Ended as Lovers by Stevie Wonder. Today, i've been working on All the Things You Are in all twelve keys which is a very good exercise! Playing any song in every key is great for getting to know your fretboard! Also, I've been exploring the diminished scale more thouroughly. Half-Whole over dominant sevenths and Whole-Half over minor 7b5's. Anyway, I have no problem getting inspired to play as there is SO much on which to work! Music is a puzzle that, no matter how one puts it together it always makes a cool picture! I could drone on about this for hours...you see, I'm obsessed! It's time for session two...later fellas!
  14. Very nice, jdgm! I've always wanted an L5-S but, I think this would do nicely! Who made it... I can't read the headstock?
  15. G Mac


    Thank You, Lord Summerisle! That, Sir is beautiful! I knew that someone would recognise that paraphrase! Thank You for the full quote! Breathing practice always helps. Fear is not for bikers! Amen. Thank You for your responses!
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