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  1. Other than a series of 'beater' guitars over the course of time, one of which I still retain, I own only one 'purchased new'. That's a Guild D-35SB from early 1978. 43 years hence, I still consider it new (until I really think about it) and realize I don't regret anything (decal to pearl for the logo/custom headstock inlay) I did to it within its first couple years. Doubtful to become a classic - although I never considered the matter at the time - and not an instrument netting much financial appreciation from then 'til now - I still enjoy playing it without benefit of remorse. It's a good'n☺ However, my older Gibsons aren't likely to be modified any time soon. At my age, if I were disposed to buy a current production high end Gibson or whatever, it's "let the next guy worry" over any aesthetic mods I'd care to make. That's my attitude and I'm stickin' to it😂
  2. You're correct - the Heritage model doesn't get enough credit. Sorry for the (decade wide😱) typo, and thank you for catching it!
  3. 70's Gibson Heritage - allegedly the last one produced in Kalamazoo.
  4. Gospel, Heritage, and Dove models from the 70's are pretty decent. None of them would scare me too much as an online purchase. Most of the information given so far is spot on - adjustable bridges on J-45's begin to show up around 1955.
  5. Many install a conventional strap button above the jack plug. Be sure you drill into the end block or you're just putting a hole into your guitar.
  6. You're a class act, Nick! And I'm NOT being sarcastic.
  7. That has a ring to it, but I'm not sure I want credit for the invention 😂
  8. If you want to knock baby boomers, you're going to get better responses elsewhere. This is the only post I've encountered on this site that intentionally disparages people of ANY generation in an effort to defend someone's personal hobbyhorse.
  9. I have to agree. This is not the kind of forum that entertains nasty comments. Matter of fact, it's the kind of forum where guitar fans of SEVERAL generations congregate to avoid that kind of thing.
  10. Always true - and will continue as such.
  11. Mediums are a good idea. Play a set 'til they need changed, then try a set of lights. Sometimes all you're really going to hear with x-tra lights is the strings, not the guitar, especially if the guitar in question needs to loosen up, as most will as you play them over time.
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