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  1. Just tested Deck A and Deck B, could not replicate the issue. It's weird because it happened every time yesterday (with the Flanger I think). I'm confused, but I guess it's a good thing. Thanks for the response, I'll keep you posted if the issue comes back. ^___^
  2. Update: Things seem to be running pretty smoothly except for one thing. Using FX crashes the program. Sometimes so badly I get BSOD with BAD_POOL_CALLER as the only message. I've tried FX with and without ASIO, with and without the Studio 4A, and it crashes either way. It does seem to BSOD more often with the S4A and ASIO running. It seems limited to Deck A, the Deck B FX appear to work without issue. I haven't been using Deck C or D. I'll keep troubleshooting, but if anyone has information or a solution I'd love to know. ^___^
  3. I hadn't realised there was a CMD Studio 4A ASIO driver available. I installed that and am using it now. Thanks for the info. I'll post again in a couple days and let you know if the problem is fixed, but so far so good. ^___^
  4. Yes, sorry, buffer size was cranked, not sample rate. I'm using a Behringer CMD Studio4A as my sound output as well as midi controller. I don't have an external sound card, just the built in one on my laptop. The only significant change I can think of was that I had to reinstall Visual C++ 2010 after I installed Skyrim off Steam. I'm running Windows 10, but I've used Deckadance on Windows 10 without issue in the past. If you're looking for more specific information, just let me know what and I'll try to provide it.
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