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  1. I have a AAA koa back and sides and Adirondack top, hide glue. It's phenomenal. It's not an AJ, I really don't know what it is.
  2. Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow! I can't stop listening. Never heard it. It's amazing.
  3. I own a Gibson Nick Lukas Koa Elite Supreme - only fifty of them. The koa is AMAZING. I can't sing this guitar's praises enough. It is phenomenal and a lot of it is because of the AAA koa back and sides. Do NOT let it slip away!!
  4. That's crazy! I like how even the pick guard is shaded.
  5. I'm brand new, too, but welcome! I've never heard of that one guitar - off to research!!
  6. I am completely, COMPLETELY in love with my Bose L1! Paired with my Gibson LE and its LR Baggs Lyric pickup it is perfection.
  7. Thanks for the videos and advice. I'd seen the one video of the factory - I'm not an electric player so it was interesting but kind of ho-hum. I'd love to see the same documentary in the Bozeman factory where the high end acoustics are done.
  8. You guys are awesome! The only thing is is that I don't know what I want to know! LOL.
  9. So here it is - a confession: I'd never entertained the idea of buying a Gibson in all my 15 years of guitar playing. Martin was always my dream guitar because I loved Indigo Girls and they're why I started playing. So, as one does when one dreams, I learned lots on Martin. Well - gave up the guitar for many years and when I took it up again two years ago Martin was back. But then I fell in love with Collings and of course history repeated itself and I educated myself on that maker - along with Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, and Huss & Dalton (as I could only afford one of these guitars). Came int
  10. Just wonderful. Gonna be dropping some dollars at iTunes.
  11. They're pretty great! I think if I got famous I'd be without shoes. I don't think I've ever played guitar with shoes on unless I'm at a store!
  12. I, in no way, meant to lessen other amps and combinations! I was and am just super jazzed at how good this sounds and wanted to share a good thing.
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