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  1. OK, so i've solved the issue [thumbup] [thumbup] After the laptop issue, i decided to fire up the old pc. Same issue with deckadance So after looking at some of the files, it turns out that itunes had done some moving of folders. So the original path should have been :\itunes\itunes music\.... but itunes had moved most to the \itunes\... folder. Moved everything into the :\itunes\itunes music\ folder structure and voila, it all works. so copied the database file across to new pc and laptop and all works a treat \:D/
  2. ability to save database and playlists to a file folder location of choice, therefore allowing the ability of using an external drive to store and store music on, making it transparent between pc/laptop, etc. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, although to complicate matters, i've just tried the laptop where it was last working, and i get the same issue of red songs :-(
  4. Hi sorry to hi jack this thread. I've got the same issue. Moved to Windows 10 and copied the dd_music_library.sqlite Lives here -> C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\SongManager As per prior forum post about making the files/playlists transportable from PC to laptop whilst using an external HDD. I now get the songs in red, i attach a screenshot of DD and itunes. Itunes version Still using the same path for external HDD. thanks Mark
  5. Hi, just installed DD2 on PC, got all playlists setup and imported from traktor OK. Using itunes on external HDD OK The issue i have is that using my laptop i want to be able to access the same playlists without having to export from pc and import to laptop and vice versa i changing on laptop, etc. Is there a way to store them on an external HDD or at least copy paste from directory? Thansk Mark
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