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  1. Sorry, I know this is an old topic, but I have a question for people that have played this "game" / teaching tool! I will be going away for the weekend and I was wondering if there was someway to practice (tabs / video / sheet music) some of the harder guitar lessons from Rocksmith 2014 Remastered when I am away from the PC? Thanks a lot!
  2. I emailed you guys and got a very quick response. Thank you very much for your help!! Ok :) Question! I would like to sand the finish down enough to repaint this guitar. I don't want to remove the finish totally, but just sand it down enough for a repaint. My question is, what grit sandpaper / sandpapers should I use?
  3. I just received a free Epiphone Les Paul Studio with a missing headstock and a couple broken parts, but thats ok. I am going to use this as a learning tool to learn guitar refinishing and replacing the neck and the like. This is the ultimate project guitar that I can use to learn things on, cause if I make a mistake, its not as bad then if I had a much more expensive one. My question is, does anyone have a wiring schematic for a Epiphone Les Paul Studio? I see there are basic ones for Gibson Les Pauls, are these wired the same as one? Or do I need one specific to an Epiphone Les Paul Studi
  4. I do know music pretty well, since I have played a violin/fiddle for 20 some years but I really would like to learn more about playing guitar and expand my music skills. I have self taught myself guitar chords for a while now (about 4 years) and I would like to do more than just chords. I would like to learn how to do guitar riffs, more soloist things and more complex, jazz like chords and progressions. I know, taking lessons from a real person would be the most ideal, but like most musicians, I can't afford it at the moment, so my questions is, who is the best guitar teacher on YouT
  5. Nope, actually here are the knobs. They are more old-school then the previous knobs. I saw these old radio knobs and had to have them :) Here is a closeup of the knobs, I got this picture from the eBay auction I bought them from.
  6. This is my first full restoration project that I have done! :) Kind of excited how it turned out. I found out that this guitar husk was a 1965 Epiphone Olympic Special. Here is a before and after photos of it. I know it has a Gibson Melody Maker pickguard, but it is next to impossible to find an Epiphone Olympic Special one that is not on a working guitar. The screws fit perfectly though! Here are before and after photos! 1965 Gibson / Epiphone Olympic Special Restoration by Conrad's Media Services, on Flickr
  7. I just picked up a nice Project 196? Gibson Melody Maker. The only major problem with this is a headstock crack that has been repaired. I did have a couple questions about this guitar. The serial number on this guitar is 257594 (the last 2 digits I had to put a piece of paper of the headstock and do a pencil rubbing to get the rest of the numbers). On project dater I got Approx. 1965. I was wondering what you guys thought of this guitar, what year do you think it is? It does not look very much like most 1965's It seems like there as originally a Vibrola Tremelo bar (with the 2 la
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