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  1. I bought a 12 fret Nick Lucas Mystic Rosewood a couple of months ago. When I first got it I thought I really liked it. It was like that guitar I was so curious about and the thought of having it just pushed me to buy it. Well after playing it nonstop for 2 weeks, I realized I had made a "guitar buying mistake". Don't get me wrong, the guitar was in excellent condition and was clean as a whistle, but the sound...... Very compressed, very box like sounding. The more I played it, I realized that Rosewood should not be on this guitar. It was like the sound was trapped inside the guitar an
  2. The D-41 Special roars like a lion when it needs to and is also very articulate. String type greatly influences the sound. It’s very well built. It’s beautiful. I’ll never sell it. It’s my only full scale guitar. Now the Collings on the other hand sounds good fingerstyle. Warm and clean, but too sterile sounding. When you strum it in a band setting it’s punchy but it doesn’t sound very good. I’m gonna part ways with it soon. It’s a well made guitar but it’s my least favorite.
  3. It's a fat little rascal with a surprising punch . I only got to play for it for about 5 minutes and thought it might be a better to leave it in its case for a day or 2 to allow it to acclimate to the temperature change coming from Wisconsin to here in Georgia. Some people say this is very important to do. I don't know. I can't wait to dig into it. I'll post some pics. So now its J-45 Custom Rosewood L-100 Nick Lucas Mystic Rosewood Collings CJ-35 Mahogany Martin D-41 Special I am starting to sound like some of you dudes on here. Bragging about your guitars. I'm
  4. I came across this online and I didn't know if this all was true about Guitar Centers financial status. I am not here to bash them, I just thought it might generate some discussion since they do sell Gibson guitars. I know this if all true could potentially hurt a lot of workers there and this is not something any of us want to see. BigDawg
  5. I am considering this guitar to add to my collection and I wanted get opinions on it? What do you like and not like about it. Thanks BigDawg007
  6. Its a J-13FOS. There were a limited run of these back in 1913. They were made to commemorate the Chinese Bullfrog. (Totally kidding of course.) It's crazy how these guitars pop up. I wonder how it sounds.
  7. I left the Tusq nut and saddle and changed the bridge pins to some Abalone Fossilized Walrus Ivory. The main difference I noticed was in the sustain. The tone may be a bit brighter. They look pretty good I think. Anyone on here done something similar? Thanks Big Dawg
  8. 62Burst- That is one great looking J-45R. You are right when you said my statements about my J45R seemed to conflict. This guitars bass response is dark and mellow, it's very warm and rich. It surprised me because I always thought rosewood was brighter tonewood compared to Mahogany. All of my other guitars are mostly hogs so that's what my perspective is. My luthier said it's opened up some being like 6 years old but still will open up more with time. It's still loud as I said from and overall standpoint. Fairly loud. But a warm rich loud quality that surprised me.
  9. I got bitten really bad the past few weeks by the J-45 bug. It's been a really bad bite that spread to the rest of my body. There is no medicine I can take. I had one back in 2016 that had issues starting with a GC tech who messed up the saddle. Now I got a rosewood J-45 that is very very mellow. It sings melancholy, cries out to heartstrings, and speaks nostalgia. It has a loud voice that's not bashful at all but has a deep grandfather like voice. I thought it would be bright with the Tusq saddle and Diaddario EJ phosphor bronze strings but it's not. Any of you on her
  10. Yes its in centimeters. Haha!!! Would you label this guitar a a Western type of re-issue?
  11. I recently bought this J-45 1996 model a few weeks back. It has a natural top that appears sitka but its darker than I expected. It's Mahogany as expected back and sides. It's smaller at the depth at the bottom of the guitar than I expected J-45's and I also think at the depth at the slope shoulder part too. (See pics). It's got the banner headstock. I sent it off to a very good local Luthier who adjusted the nut, made a new bone saddle with a more correct radius, bone pins, and added some Kluson Vintage tuners. Its got all kind of checking all over to top of the guitar but no cracks. It came
  12. I think that this guitar is very much what I was looking for. I agree that it specs out very similar to a J-35 but I am not sure about the bracing and wood differences.
  13. Gibson did make the AJ short scale. Some are out there, I just can't find one.
  14. I've takin a hiatus from here. But I'm back. I am wanting to but a Advanced Jumbo short scale rosewood with a long drop in saddle type. I've looked online but can't find one. Anyone know of a good one for sale? Another topic- Gregg Allman is from my home town of Macon,Ga. Signs up all over town. RIP GA!!!! BigDawg
  15. On my J-45, I really like the bright sparkle that the bone pins, saddle and nut provided. It made my guitar sound overall so much better. More resonance. I even like the Elixir Phosphur Bronze 80/20 nanowebs best. Its a weird combo and I think most people don't go this route on a J-45, but I am happy. I don't want to ever change it. I also won't mess with the saddle anymore after my debacle (Lesson learned) from having a GC tech mess with my saddle and shaved it down asymetrically. But I agree with most that its all in your perception of the sound. If its too bright, change it. I also th
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