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  1. trees are for keeping the planet breathing, why do non tree huggers not see the tree as anything but product?
  2. Gibson could speak about the guitar, Gruhn for value...
  3. respect trees . M, quit whining about people who care about the planet..
  4. "tree hugger wood?" what ? is there tree hater wood ?
  5. actually you can count on your fingers and toes if need be...
  6. without Ringo we would not have beatles and I love his work
  7. one should expect volume from a Slash git...
  8. maybe using the word hate about a person , especially Ringo was a bit ... judge away but dont be shocked if you get judged- RINGO PEACE
  9. jvi


    12s aint piano wire and 13 aint either, you called yourself girly fingers and me lumber jack cause I mentioned string size...so now I will say 11s on a jumbo or dred is under powering. ps in Canada we dont sue for finger size...
  10. jvi


    11 s ? on a 41 ? respectfully....
  11. congrats...almost
  12. reading gruhn price lists and then catologues with pictures was a good part of my learning about guitars and various repairs, ordering helped too..
  13. the government sells pot...
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