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  1. Canadians can donate to vets thru guitars for vets at Long-Mcquade, good on Ford.
  2. ironically you are protesting again.
  3. congrats on your new Gibson, perhaps the person giving lessons could advise you on the set-up and string changes....if you cant get help with the g before then perhaps you-tube could help you. enjoy, have fun, also, 3 to 5 days is quik !!!
  4. respectfully guy your confusing the issues. OUR lifestyles and toys have had a negative effect on the planet.Trying to make it better should be everyones goal, cali isnt to blame we all are.Me too. Ive been a logger, a shrimper ( in Texas 1977-78,) and a consumer and sold reptiles for money. I now think WE can do better and I will try...
  5. lol !!!fwiw-etc. ps- popeye ate spinach-wimpy wanted burgers on credit
  6. you love cow farts AND propaganda!!!!! have a nice day....
  7. the reason people dont like cow farts is they contribute to climate change, to bad more people cant help make the planet safe for the next generation, seems they prefer scoring points against people with a desire for a better life with healthy air and hope for the future.Are you afraid of the new better life?
  8. protecting life is protecting freedom in the most basic way.If we could ALL agree to trying to halt the spread for 6-8 weeks and then argue about it IF NEEDED , both sides would be better off.We will keep spinning our tires if we dont ALL give it a chance.... ps it could be SO great to beat this ****, stop the fires, mitigate flooding and BE HAPPY AGAIN . WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE WANT TO BAD ENOUGH
  9. being buried in wildfire smoke and living in a pandemic is buggin me today. I know we have the power to be better than this but so many _______ want to hide in make believe and foment hate we are stuck in the f n muck. I wish corporations would learn they can make money off of a green planet IF its inhabitable....I wish I wasnt so pissed ....be kind, be calm, be safe our health officer says and Im still hoping we can .Have a nice day sounds lame but to those who can, do it and count yourself lucky, Jim
  10. actually people ARE well misinformed not poorly, also, wouldnt poorly misinformed be well informed? whatever....be safe.
  11. hoser says "just wear the mask so you dont infect others" ps- ridicule of mask wearing is not helping....
  12. "their strategy" >> indicates conspiracy victim syndrome....
  13. people who ridicule other people for stupid reasons ie wearing masks. hmmmnnn
  14. southern Vancouver Island has total smoke coverage from wildfires, a lot of west coast is burning both sides of border....hope folks can be safe or saved. 2020 just keeps testing ...
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