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  1. "barry d" for disappear? "Pierce "12-53? .... seems odd...
  2. for me daddario pb or 80/20 are the go to strings -cheap, plentiful, consistant...
  3. often a truss rod adjustment has given a better string feel to me...
  4. aj rules no matter what the nut is...
  5. jvi


    you put your mark on it- enjoy !
  6. nice git, mucho value as it was grampas, yer so lucky to have it! jim
  7. so now folks love adjustable bridges... respectfully i say they suck, but in an older guitar I wouldnt change a thing
  8. your assumption is correct, and it was a cool idea, BUT , it didnt deliver good tone
  9. NEVER heard of this model...
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