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  1. I believe the 60s guitar greats were listening to music from the 10s and 20s, ( got a lot of us boomers into the old stuff as well, ....) my folks too , hee haw and grand ol oprey were old time country, the blues greats were starting to earn....Marx Bros were still on the airwaves with Flash Gordon....I think big things stay big to a lot of folks, and still can have revival times exposing new generations to the art ... have a nice day
  2. a lot of our skill testing questions are like - 12 plus 3 - 5 equals ? luckily we have calculators and internut to help.
  3. first real amp I got as I went down the gas-hole was a Super Beatle, could be because I saw them every week on the M show, could have been the beatles too. what ever it was, watching that show was a good for seeing cool gear ( and the car ) and hearing fun songs. Now as Im older I think Ive gained respect for them even tho they were not as rad or bad as my usual tastes of the time. also , they wernt the only folks to use writers for a lot of the songs.... right Elvis ? Gotta catch the last train so cheers.... have a "pleasant valley sunday " and to any Mothers around, have a GREAT
  4. I think wood cracks follow the grain ( unless cracked from impact ) ... and sunshine follows the rain....
  5. gotta give kudos to M. Nesmith for writing one of my fav Linda Ronstadt songs "different drum" man could she sing. (man he could play as well)
  6. they were the secret sauce of soooo many, good reference ghost
  7. just heard 2 of the guys are gonna tour this fall, gotta admit I loved watching the show seeing the big vox amps and cool guitars and car.I actually think the songs were pretty good as well. I dont know if 2 out of 4 is a band but what the heck nostalgia sells and who cant use money. Would you go ?
  8. nice, the back carve could be just what tele needed, AND, good on you for donating a guitar !!!
  9. the band, backing csny, early 70s outdoors 3 encores, many other "best" but thats a start. ps good thread....
  10. "les chip du mounk "possibly, I dont speak french and my eenglish spelling aint dat goud.
  11. the worst was the archies with the chipmonks backing, archie fell down drunk, jughead had to sing and alvin didnt show cause he went nuts...
  12. odd story but thought provoking... "you can lead a horse to water but cant make it drink..."
  13. thank you Notes, nice of you to take the time to say so. The USA has been there for us and we will be there for you folks, have a nice day !
  14. just heard that America is sending more vaccine to Canada from Kalamazoo and Id like to say thank to our neigbours for the help. Thank you. The last shipment was Astrazeneca ,this one Pfizer (what I got ) , cheers...
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