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  1. not many deals in Canada, options to pay later on stuff with a 30 % price increase over last year, bought my first classical and an acoustisonic so I could plug in the gibby.THESE were not "loto win" purchases.
  2. I have high hope for 2021 and a beautiful spring . that helps me. Be well folks... ("see ya at a concert soon !!! )
  3. 2 other names ? ha ha ha I guessed right !!!!!
  4. you son are obsessed
  5. if I had that device it would melt down cause you post constantly, bs most often, and fyi I was reading this post NOT thinking of you
  6. your a sheet stirring wank yank, she is a funny lady
  7. Glaciers are melting forests are burning sea levels rising and covid killing hundreds of thousands NOT pffft. My opinion not designed to offend.
  8. I wonder how it sounds without the body? First travel guitar? Wow no matter how ....
  9. jvi

    Tuning Machines

    I think these import tuners are poor. Getting US ( or Canadian ) production would help workers and steel plants and may give us a better product.My opinion.
  10. Im Canadian too and while it seems a little bit high, if you played it and it blew yer mind I think its likely worth snaggin. The materials hit the mark for sure so...ps-its only money (canuck cash at that) post if you do get it , and have a nice day eh !!
  11. pre war Martin D 45, Roy Rogers own Martin or pre war J 200, can you say BLING AND BRAZIL ?
  12. As we earn higher wages "worth the price " is an equalizing factor. Is it worth it to your financial situation ?
  13. you guys support this kind of talk? shame on you.
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