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  1. Did not know of him. nice git, any relation to Vassar I wonder ?
  2. as for the g 45, as long as Gibson puts out an affordable slope they can call it something different when they like as long as they make one....imo
  3. the les paul standard was eliminated after a short run untill 69 .....
  4. awesome, this is the type of post/info that makes the forum such a great place. Enjoy !
  5. I think we got enough names for people for now.
  6. we could just take better care of the planet...climate change or no..... "imagine"
  7. library card ? have a nice day eh !
  8. seems strange being older than a 60th anny model....hope you find one....
  9. Surrey BC or UK ? welcome reguardless....
  10. yes Jeff turns the wrench and he s a true hot rodder...
  11. pretty sure Harmony sold a LOT of gits "in the day".... some good ones.
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