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  1. I think guitars are great, cheap, expensive whatever or whoever makes em...
  2. if a model is redone every year or two, what was wrong with it before...
  3. not only ugly poor quality import junk they kill jobs as well...
  4. perhaps a call to Gibson could shed some light... there is good info here as well no doubt- J
  5. by tunderin by, das some good eh! nfld/lab forever...
  6. just saying if a guitar is old I think they should be left original when possible and changing plastic bridges cause you dont like it or want better sound isnt nice, get a different guitar and leave the oldies in original condition- restore to factory or leave them be/ opinions vary but I can only state my own and I intend no insult when I state them .
  7. originality trumps all, unless the git is fd
  8. changing parts on old guitars for personal preference is never a good idea ...imo
  9. tracy c is very very talented, very....
  10. they should offer them in green and orange where your from....
  11. "if its from the last decade only worth 250 anyway"- obviously a fun loving expurt ... (yes i put the u in there )
  12. do not send money to strange princes in far away places in the hope of getting millions for hundreds !
  13. if it is a new guitar any work should be done by a Gibson repair tech or bye bye warranty...
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