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  1. emoji seem upsetting to some, I dont feel a thing when I get them and Ive got plenty......Im staying.
  2. do what makes you happy but Id say dont let people who piss you off cause your departure ( the canadian ) if you have friends or allies here as welll.......that seems good.....
  3. Jackie Blue by the Ozark Mtn Daredevils was one I learned long ago and still enjoy, cool changes and overall a good tune.
  4. have a great day USA !
  5. thanks for the thought, may your 4th be a great celebration of all thats good......
  6. jvi dont give no emoji _ I spell out my thoughts so people can read them and know who said it .....
  7. boring life ya got
  8. jvi

    fathers day

    satisfaction too....again , if I stalked you Id be on every topic ....
  9. jvi

    fathers day

    defend bs all you want.
  10. jvi

    fathers day

    group delusion and enuf said - go on being rude and your support group as well....
  11. jvi

    fathers day

    thing about delusions is they seem real....
  12. jvi

    fathers day

    if I was stalking you Id post in all your rants which are many
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