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  1. jvi

    Monday humor

    guy walks into a music store and buys a set of drums....
  2. jvi

    60 today

    time to buy a '60 Gibson ...
  3. I think keeping old gits going is allways a good plan, if you can afford it,if not pass it to someone who can...
  4. jvi


    not funny to some eh?
  5. jvi


    send foto to 1666 hummingbird lane, booze-man, montaner -amerka- thanx, I will see what it looks like
  6. Id bet you have a 44-46 banner-no photo needed
  7. need a translater to decipher but I think it says "Gibson rules so buy one OR ELSE!!!"...
  8. a normal small adjustment got you to a fab guitar- play it now and worry about a luthier in a few years IF needed...
  9. take the one you like best -allways
  10. many gits that arnt gibsons are great guitars, guitars are fab not the makers...
  11. just wrong sparky, vintage means more than age...
  12. 1975 beatup martins arnt vintage and I would take any 50s martin over any new guitar
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