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  1. one of my favorites but I can see it not being cool now ....
  2. thro Donovan "mellow yellow" on the heap as well, the 14 year old girl line is creepy for sure....
  3. Maybe they choose not to play it just to show some respect for others .
  4. spending time with our people instead of spending money on them, that would be my wish.....
  5. The best was what they released originally with all songs intact, the new isnt Beatles its post Beatle marketing, still no doubt good stuff.
  6. cant help but smell what is probably toxic off gassing so, no I try not to sniff ( used to, been off the stuff for years )
  7. I for one , and maybe there are others , who have a sound hole mirror and use it to see the bridge plate, check out wiring, sometimes double check bridge pins and perhaps just inspect to see if its clean and tidy work... often on new guitars...no sniffing tho....
  8. keep posting and dont let it bug ya, I do....
  9. did you ask if they ( G ) had one in stock ?
  10. Ive had lots of all brands, electric and acoustic, and find great examples in all brands and enjoy trying as many as possible BUT I must have a strat, a gibby and I throw in Martin when possible.
  11. strat hangs low, jumbo acoustics ride high.....
  12. Im gonna try one and if its great, Im in, ( price helps ) until I try one I can hold off on evaluation.
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