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  1. 2 is better than one ! I like the look of Jacks.
  2. have a good day people, hope you get to a have a celebration thats safe and enjoyable , Jim must have typed while merciful was , still from Canada have a nice day eh!
  3. Big Sugar with Gordie Johnson does a great oh canada on his double neck gibson, ps I think he moved down south to jam with some southern folks
  4. marking all protesters as bad because some are is the same as saying all cops are bad because some are
  5. dosnt protest bring change thats needed, equality,women voting, stopping bad war etc? there is a need for protest done right.
  6. It is the day in 1867 Canada became Canada. Interesting history re 1812 when it began to take shape.WE love being Canadian and value our southern neighbours and the rest of the planet.We are just like you guys but with such fewer numbers it is easier to spread out.Canucks ( Vancouver) hockey team needs help so does Toronto.Being Canadian is awesome.I hope to visit USA again and hope you all get a chance to get here ( dont buy all the gits with your value high dollar...) ( "have a nice day eh !! ) thanks for bringing it up
  7. I dig the usa, been and lived there. never got into david whatever tho...
  8. thats amature and your Canada envy is showing again, ALSO no one could eat yer *** cause yer head s up it
  9. thats what I mean, your nasty (dont hurt me tho cause your just letters on a screen)
  10. you again ? trolling is your trip, I posted a reply and boom there you couple of twits are
  11. anything that can start a discussion can help if we discuss without trashing and throwing mud and scorn around like you seem to enjoy
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