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  1. re the op- I would just play it if you like the git. maybe add a ding or 2...
  2. never be as well built ? get a grip ...
  3. teens are not evil guitar dinging nut bars, those people are an all age group of folk
  4. jvi

    Plek set up.

    set up is more than plek, sell that guitar if its cumbersome
  5. gas is the best affliction, costly but not painful...
  6. older are very cool but strings wont be a major difference in the long run, sounds expensive if its more than a 2007
  7. j 45 seems to be a large family...
  8. above 2000 is steep and Im sure with all the magic machines gibson has they could sell j 45s for one third of what they do, gas could be cheaper too but companies gouge cause they can...
  9. features found on several gibby models rolled into...
  10. mine was weightless and invisible and WOW did I feel good in front of the mirror ....j
  11. SHOCKER ALERT-- j45s can play bluegrass and d 28s can be strummed with great results !!!
  12. AND totally awesome and we are all better from it, (dont have to emulate tho)
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