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  1. jvi

    Finish quality

    i bet you do..
  2. jvi

    Finish quality

    you sniff to much bug spray ...
  3. nice of you to watch and comment on all my posts FZ, also, someone out there must like you...
  4. yep they cost a lot, like beer and smokes but you get what you can when you can, also- DONT let certain posters run you off- YOUR OPINIONS MATTTER AS MUCH AS ANY ONE HERE EVEN IF SOME SLAGG YOU
  5. carefull when you slag grovers...I got 14 pages of **** for doing that and still ...
  6. J 29, changed to 13s and now my j 29 is roaring- with 12s not so much..,
  7. how do you get drool of guitars ? try to meet some real girls as well...
  8. where did saint appear in my post? if you see words that arnt there your "otta" your mind.
  9. Yoko has been unfairly kicked enuf buddy - she is a great human ...
  10. if you want a high page count just say grovers suck and gibson should use american parts.
  11. love the ones ya love and dont sweat the others...dont worry-be happy !!
  12. remember the days this forum talked guitars...
  13. if you want something you cant afford...
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