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  1. my point is i payed for this application via the app store now the app no longer works with ios 11 so with you buying the rights to the software its your problem to fix it. I already contacted apple about this problem and the reply i received stated the copyright holder of the software was the person to contact.
  2. who do i contact for a refund, as i paid for this application on ios and can no longer use it
  3. i had a look at scripting and its a real pain in the neck i could do without, others already have this feature.
  4. I recently asked about implementing a shift key, I'm pretty good at picking stuff up but never dabbled with programming, is there an easy way to just add the function to the midi learn editor from the main dd commands file in the actual Deckadance folder?
  5. I have had many dj controllers, and Deckadance for a long while and have never to be able to fully use all features as most controllers only have so many buttons and use a combination of 2 keys, a shift key or midi modifiers to be honest all 3 features need adding as it would add a huge scope for midi controllability and enable people to take full advantage of the numerous features, I think this software is great but these few limitations are the one thing holding it back.
  6. any clue how far in the future we will be seeing support for pioneer equipment, I have an ddj-sx2 and would like a mapping to become available, would map it myselfself but lack of a shift key or modifiers in the midi learn section limits the mapping facility.
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