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  1. Part of the problem is I don't plug in when I try out a guitar. I'd rather not showcase my axe skills in front of an unwilling audience. That is why I can't tell the difference.
  2. My question was more of a rhetorical remark since it is often said that musicians no matter how experienced are always learning
  3. Essentially I guess you can say I am inexperienced. Can I stand in front of a crowd and have them go Whoa no, but I can link a few chords and pluck some strings and have something come out that might sound like music. When is a guitar player not using a guitar for learning? With the exception of Pete Townsend going to town on his amplifiers with his guitar.
  4. Thanks I will take this into consideration
  5. Thanks for all the responses I really appreciate what everyone had to say. The idea of growing into the guitar makes sense as does having a guitar you enjoy playing. I have been playing much more over the past year and I am having fun watching my abilities grow. Seeing me being able to put chords together and make something that sounds almost like music has been exciting.
  6. Is there any particular year that is better than others? I have heard 2015 was probably Gibson's worst year on guitar build and quality.
  7. I have tried this but to me most guitars feel the same and I can't pickup any major differences in tone between guitars. For example to two guitars I own the feel the same other than weight my strat is a couple pounds lighter and is much thinner in both the neck and body. The strat has a glossy neck and the other one has a satin finish. The other problem I have is I can play a few chords and scales but I don't really have any songs memorized to play to compare sound
  8. I liked the looks of the color but I also liked the color for some nostalgic reasons
  9. I have been strumming on guitars since the 80's I started out with a Peavey Nitro sold it in '97 and picked up a Mexistrat. About 3 years ago I picked up a Guitar game (one that uses real guitars) and started playing a little more. Last year I picked up a guitar that has LED's in the fretboard to assist in my learning. Now that I can somewhat make some music instead of noise I was thinking about getting a Les Paul because I feel it is one of those must have Guitars like my strat. My question is which model should I look at I don't really want an Epiphone and I do have a little money to spend. I do like the finish (Sea Foam Green) on the 2014 Classic. The type of music I like to play is classic rock 60s & 70s, Grunge 90s. Thanks in advance.
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