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  1. 1. Fuller's '39 J35 Reissue 2. Bozeman AJ 3. Bozeman Gospel 4. '64 LG 1 5. '66 B25 N 6. '30s-era L37 that's had it's top changed over to a flat top (by A. Cowles). Sort of like a maple L00. 7. Early '60s B25 12
  2. I've owned 2 of these and both of them were really fine guitars. They are the same as the Hbird, minus the bling. However - they are long scale (both of mine were). I think this is one of Gibson's most underrated models. They are usually a bargain and if you find a good one, you're in for a treat. Good luck - and welcome to the forum. Geoff
  3. Nice way to get your feet wet. Welcome to the club. G.
  4. I never got Gibsons until one day I was at a GC and picked up a J45. Started playing - kept on playing - kept putting it down and picking it up. By the end of the 'session', I was hooked. Now I am fortunate to have 6 Gibsons (J35 Fullers, AJ, Gospel, LG1, B25N, and a sort-of Franken-Gibson. Once you get hooked, watch out. But it's sure fun. G.
  5. I was in junior high when The Monkees came on. They may have been a corporate construct, but I like a lot of their tunes. RIP, Davey.
  6. Bad Air Sponge worked for me just great. Got rid of a very bad smoke smell from a Martin that I owned. Highly recommended. G.
  7. Big RGD fan here. I'm going to Fur Peace in August to work with Jorma. Hope I get to learn some of RGD's tricks from him. Geoff
  8. Thanks for the responses, folks. FWIW - I don't care if the b/s are laminate as this '66 B25 is simply a great-sounding and playing guitar. Just want to get educated about it. BTW - my B25 has an end pin jack that is no longer in use so I think I'll just unscrew it during the next string change and check to see if that 'Oreo cookie' effect is present. Geoff
  9. Howdy Does anyone know if the back and sides of a B25 are solid or laminate? The model I have is a 1966. Thanks Geoff
  10. I currently own a Fuller's 1939 J35 Reissue. Great guitar - a true keeper if there ever was one. I'm considering buying a J45 TV and am wondering if any of you can give me your impressions of how the 2 compare. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a TV around my area to A/B it against my J35. Obviously I don't want to replicate what I already have. Any insights/impressions/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Geoff
  11. When I finally had enough money to buy a decent acoustic (in my late 40s), I purchased what I considered the 'grail' - a Martin D18VMS. Loved that guitar. But that started my 'quest'. I bought and sold more Martins than I can count. In the midst of my search, I also had several customs made for me (but that's another story). Occasionally I would find myself in the local GC to play around with what was there. I remember playing a number of J45s and saying to myself, "Where's the shimmer? Where's the lap piano?" I kept comparing them to Martins - unfortunately. All I could hear was that bass 'thump' and that drier-than-Martin tone. I'd put them down and wonder why anyone would ever buy one. As I got better as a player, I started playing more and more country and country blues. I found myself muting strings, fingerpicking, and looking for a more 'honest' sound - although I'm sure I didn't think of it that way then. So one day I'm in the local GC - again - and I picked up another J45 - again - but this time it was different. I started to hear that Gibson sound coming through, and suddenly I got it! It hit me why this guitar was chosen by so many. It had a depth of character and a tonal clarity that I had somehow missed. It was simple and honest. Subsequently I sold all my Martins. I still have my customs. But now I consider myself a Gibson player. I've owned a couple of J45s, a couple J30s (great, unrated Gibson, imo), a couple J185s (my favorite for a while), an HBird, a J100xtra, a couple of AJs, a Fuller's 1939 J35, and a '64 LG1. I still have the J35, an AJ, the and LG1. These are keepers. I intend to add an HBird (again) and - someday - an SJ200. To put it in a nutshell - Martins have heart, but Gibsons have soul. They are the best. Geoff
  12. Hey Mike I'll be interested in hearing what you have to say as well (I'm the seller, folks!). You'll enjoy it - it's a great git. Geoff
  13. yaz hello to another j30 owner indeed! this is my second j30 (i owned a sunburst variety a while back). this is a natural topped version. it's a great guitar - huge voice with plenty of punch and volume. fingerpicks and flatpicks with the best of them. i primarily fingerpick country blues and some country and rock stuff. works for it all. i've tried to sell it a number of times to fund other purchases and no one's ever been interested in it. i had a high-end hummingbird a while back and this one was vastly superior in sound. just a plain jane. folks don't know what they're missing. i may try to sell it again but will probably end up keeping it as my 'beater'. i refuse to drop it down to where it's basically competing with the middling chinese imports. we'll see. until then, it's rocking and rolling. geoff
  14. I've got to say - that is a looker. The firestripe pguard is one of the cosmetic touches that originally drew me to Gibsons - they are very sharp. Geoff
  15. When I first began buying good guitars (about 10 years ago or so - couldn't afford them before that), I went over to the UMGF and poked around because - to me - Martins were the best American guitar. My first Martin was a D18vms. Since then, I've probably owned 25 to 30 different Martins. I really enjoyed most of them - particularly the 12-fret variety. I could never figure out what anyone heard in a Gibson. All the Gibs I'd played were dead-sounding. Then one day I was in my local GC playing a J45 with the typical dead strings and suddenly "I got it". Something about the sound and feel of that guitar made me want a Gibson. I've now bought and sold a fair number of Gibsons and own no Martins. I currently own an AJ (BR bridge), a J185 (HC), a J30, a '64 LG1, a Fuller's J35 reissue, and 2 Gibson clones made by an old Gibson employee named Aaron Cowles (Jubal guitars). I'm going to sell a couple of the Gibsons (most likely the AJ and the J185 - to fund a custom I've ordered) but the remaining ones are keepers (for now anyway). I will own another Martin or 2 before time's up but I will always own a Gibson. I agree - my head does say 'Martin' but my heart says 'Gibson'. I've also described it this way - Martins are booksmart while Gibsons are streetsmart. With all their faults, Gibsons just have more soul.
  16. oops! just saw your other post. great box you have there. geoff
  17. that was beautiful, mg. what kind of guitar is that, btw? keep on rockin'. geoff
  18. i never even heard of him until this post. i'm going over to amazon to order a couple of his cds. what a set of pipes! thanks very much for this post. g.
  19. I have 2 of Aaron's guitar - a J185 and an L00. He'll do you some good work. G.
  20. Welcome to the forum. You have a wonderful problem, I must admit. I would most likely go for the Hbird. Great fingerpicker (although Rev. G. Davis fingerpicked an SJ!) with a wonderfully smooth and even tone. Not as loud as other Gibsons - as mentioned. It's also more comfortable to play, imho - fits better in the lap so it has more of an intimate feel to it than the SJ. Enjoy the journey! Geoff
  21. Great guitars. I'm particularly jealous of that SJ - a '53 would be a birth-year git for me. And that one would be perfect. I think I'll have to sell off several of my instruments if I ever intend to get a '53. Anyway - rock on. You have quite the troika there. G,
  22. I wish I could get over the restringing and tuning reservations I have about 12 strings 'cause I'd love a J185 12er (although the ladder-braced varieties are really great!)
  23. sub pretty sure - but not positive. other more knowledgeable folks will hopefully chime in. my lg1 is from circa '64 and i was told that the lg1s from this era had the laminates. when i was asking about this issue one very knowledgeable guy said, "yes - most likely laminated. but - it is Gibson." G.
  24. suburude I've had one for about 8 months or so. It's ladder braced with a laminated back (sides?). The top is spruce. It has a great Gibson tone and 'thunk'. Definitely has the ladder braced sound, too. Nice and punchy with enough volume. Looks great! The fingerboard is a bit narrow but I like it - I have small hands. I think it's really got a lot going for it. Geoff PS - It's not a big guitar and it's not small either. Fits really nicely.
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