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  1. try rosa string works on youtube he has made several one of a kind guitars i'm sure he has a contact section on his site?

  2. NEVER MIND - I FOUND OUT WHAT IT WAS. It was a 1970-71 Gibson SG100. (see picture of it below). In the below picture of an SG200, you can see the detail of the pickup, pickup mounting ring, and bridge under the cover. The SG200 was exactly like the SG100 except with 2 pickups. More info here: Gibson SG100 more about the SG200 available on eBay: SG100 - $1705.
  3. The pickup was a LOT like this one pictured. Including the chromed mounting ring. single coil pickups
  4. I started playing in 1970, which leaves me to believe the guitar was made in the middle to late 1960's. I had stripped all the electronics off of it to prep it for an upgrade I was planning, but left the bridge on so I could still play it. Unfortunately, this guitar met it's demise a few years after this picture was taken. I don't want to talk about it, it makes me "vaclempt".
  5. Years ago when I started playing guitar in 1970, my parents bought me a Gibson SG that had the following: a single-coil pickup mounted at an angle at the NECK. The bridge mount had a chrome plate with what I can only describe as a "sleigh" curve on one end, which had string slots cut into it. The bridge was flat on the ends and had nylon string saddles. The entire bridge then had a chrome cover with the Gibson name scroll engraved into it. The controls had a chrome cover very very similar to a Telecaster, but with 1 master volume, 1 master tone, and 1 input jack. It had a Gibson set neck with Kluson tuners. Yes it was an SG, typical Gibson SG body (NOT a double-cutaway Melody Maker), Gibson Neck, Gibson decal on the headstock. It had a Brown finish. I no longer have that guitar, BUT would like to re-create it. Who do I talk with to re-create that guitar?
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