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  1. Definitely one of my faves... Love the dark blue, perfect for the BLUEZZZ
  2. Lazarus, Are you left handed or play a leftie Lester strung rt handed
  3. The trads are on clearance sale at disgusting prices. I can't buy another one, but those who are searching for one. These are great
  4. i dont think ill be replacing my classic 57s anytime soon, love them with 50s wiring
  5. i found some rated at 100 vdc is that too low, whats the voltage range?
  6. i found the sprague combo .015 and .022 200vdc for 34.99
  7. Thanks Tim, That might just save me some money
  8. I've been looking at the Russian PIO caps K40Y-9 .022 400v Supposedly read they are the same as the PIO luxe repro bees .022 And some K42y-2 .022 600v that are just as good, found from 5-10 bucks each
  9. I like the idea of the paper in oil luxe bumblebee repro But what about, vitamin Q or T or the Russian K40Y-9 .022uf 400v 10% PIO capacitor Which are at 10 bucks each, I'm gonna do the 50s wiring Just wondering on the cap values, and if its worth paying extra for the luxe or Xbrand cap I'm also thinking .015 on neck and .022 on bridge What do you guys think? When I do, I'm gonna post a before video and after
  10. man that is nice.... im sorry i cant be of any other help.... but those holes suggest that guitar was mounted on one of the walls at a hard rock cafe screwed on... the bright side is that that can be easily fixed...
  11. I had seen those at GC and thought if only I wasn't after a les paul, this would make a killer hollow body. Congrats and must agree I got stray cats in my mind.
  12. Funny you mention guitars made by humans not robots.my traditional was made mostly with a cnc machine, body shape and route and neck shape and routes, glued and finished by humans then setup by Plek machine. But that's cool. But I'll tell you something, if I pay 600 and up, I am pretty nit picky. Scratches, dents, blemishes in the finish don't bother me. If it affects vibrato or bends, or playability, and tone. Then the guitars going back.
  13. Would love to see a pic of this Lester, some close up shots of the b bender mechanism.
  14. Nice, great specs. How's the tone?
  15. That looks just awesome, take it out of the case, let it breathe, play with It a while... HNGD to you sir.. What kind of specs do those have?
  16. Just like anything else, results of mass production and lack of or poor QA. I went through 3 les paul traditionals third was a winner, I didn't settle for the las one, it was just an awesome instrument. To be fair the 1st one was a good top and it was awesome too, I was perfectly happy until I noticed what seem to be a crack on the base of the neck, On this Then I got this one This was a beautiful instrument, except for the fretboard work, the board had a 1mm wide slash that ran down several frets, would interfere with bends or vibrato, plus rough as bark. Very hard to tell but in
  17. something to think about, just need to get past the look of the pickups wo covers. i love how the les paul looks with covers. i wonder if theres anyone who has tried both, eg caps pots vs pickup cover. which did you prefer. the funny thing thats what some very well known guitarist did in the 60s, remove covers.
  18. i agree that gibson should still make a few models with baked maple fretboards, eg. classic custom... my personal preferance is rosewood on a les paul, i had a studio with a baked maple,the tone and feel wass fantastic.. sold it to fund a les paul traditional...ps i love it alot more, just feels right, ya know. but, the classic custom was really growing on me, especially with baked mapple and clasic 57s....
  19. Glad it worked out, I couldn't hear a difference but then again they're different pickups, any way how bout a few pics of that Som-Beach.
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