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  1. Welcome to the boards, Shane, from all the way over in the U.S.!!
  2. Thanks a bunch!!! I'll email them and ask about it and see what they tell me. I don't normally fool with CL - too many scammers on there. Way more than Ebay, IMO. Thank you for your help!! Much appreciated!!
  3. Since I'm a huge Elvis fan, I almost went crazy with excitement when I first saw the Gibson J-200 replica of ELvis Presley's guitar that he used on stage from 1969-1971. Unfortunately, though, I never was able to get one of these guitars. I know that Gibson/Epiphone only made a few hundred of these guitars so......what would be the best way of finding one and exactly how expensive these guitars are?? Thanks for letting me ask. :) Tony Trout
  4. This question just popped into my head since I mentioned being an Elvis Presley fan on another forum I visit: How many of the blone Gibson J-200 "Elvis Presley" replica guitars did Gibson make? How rare are they nowadays? I've always wanted one but - they seem to be quite difficult to find. As ya'll probably know, this guitar was a dead-on replica of the guitar that Elvis used on stage and during tours from 1969-1970 - after 1970 he started using the legendary 1969 Gibson Ebony Dove acoustic guitar that can be seen in the movie, "Elvis On Tour", and in the 1973 television special, "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii" - he last used the latter guitar during his July shows in Asheville, NC in 1975 when he just simply walked over and gave the guitar to Mike Harris. Graceland auctioned that guitar off recently - I'm not sure who is the owner now. Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on a wild goose chase there. I'm simply looking for info regarind the blonde Gibson J-200 that Gibson reproduced (as did Epiphone) that has "ELVIS PRESLEY" and two stars engraved into the fretboard. Thanks!
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