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  1. Wow, that's amazing flame! I haven't seen anything like that with that model, tobacco, or cherry... Guess I've been slacking keeping an eye out at Sweetwater.
  2. arcticsg


    Congrats man, what a beauty! it was worth it! 😉
  3. Howdy, and welcome to the board!
  4. Happy Birthday!!! 🎵🎶🎶🎶 No player, but still have one of his 8-tracks, lol... 😎
  5. No, there's no adapter that lets you fit a Maestro Vibrola to the SG, as the Vibrabate does for the Bigsby. Whoever figures that one out will probably make some $$$. 😉
  6. arcticsg

    Jared GP

    Sorry not the best picture, but they will look like these.
  7. arcticsg

    Jared GP

    Yep should have the silver inserts. You may still have the original knobs. Sometimes when one of the silver inserts fall off, the owner will pull the others off so it matches. Thats a beautiful SG btw!
  8. Howdy, welcome to the board! Sorry, I have no Gibson acoustic, lots of electrics though.. If you have access to a guitar/music shop, stop and take a look at the Yamahas. The FS series is a smaller, great sounding, concert sized acoustic. I have the FS820, solid Sitka spruce top with Mahogany back and sides. The FS830 is same build, but comes with Rosewwod back and sides and a little bit more bling. They run $249 and $299 respectively. These little dynamos pack a lot punch for $$. The Martin 00 and 0 sizes are smaller yet and one of those may be perfect. Good luck on finding "the one" ! 🙂
  9. All good points! For only a small investment in tools, that will pay for themselves in one or two setups, it's worth it. As stated earlier, you may even have the tools on hand. I would recommend investing in a set of good files, especially nut files. Trust me on this one. Once you do a couple setups, you'll wonder why you hadn't learned it earlier.
  10. Howdy! Welcome to the board! 🙂 That, is a gorgeous Les Paul!
  11. Hi there, Welcome to the board! 🙂
  12. arcticsg


    NICE!! Happy NGD to you! :)
  13. Hi there, elcome to the board!
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