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  1. I use regular bore oil, or Music Namad's F-One Fretboard cleaner/oil for the fretboard. For Gibson's nitro finished guitars, I use Naptha to clean and then Meguiars rubbing and polishing compounds to remove scratches and/or polish to a factory new shine. 😉 And I have also heard good things about that "Virtuoso Polish". 🙂
  2. Not really into pedals. However, I do use a TS-808 tube screamer with the 50w Bassman head. I don't use anything with the Marshall stack. Oh, and I have a Wah laying around here somewhere... Doesn't everybody?? Lol
  3. Sounds about right. Bench pics have been included with all my 2015 and up SGs and LPs
  4. 490R/498T is a great combo! My take on it is, do it and don't look back. 😎
  5. Nice!! 🙂 Those two SGs are simply gorgeous!
  6. Looks legit to me. And it has the nice Rosewood fretboard, unlike Pau Ferro stuff on the newer issues of the last couple of years. Does it have a tag like this inside the left f hole?
  7. Welcome aboard! 😎 Yes, a pic or two would be cool. Just host the picture with a online service and and the URL to the "Insert Other Media" button in the lower right corner. Pic size don't matter then. 😉
  8. Hi, welcome aboard. 😎 Pics?
  9. Howdy, and Welcome aboard! 😎
  10. Wow! Nice LP! Welcome aboard! 😎
  11. Yes, no problem. You can also use a male disconnect ends (like the ones that come with the early HP's case candy), and then wire them as you normally would. That way you preserve the pups ends if you decide to sell them later 😉.
  12. I received their email about that. Will have to go and see what they have.
  13. Congratulations man, she's a beauty! 😎
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