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  1. Hi Angus, welcome to the board!
  2. Hi there! Welcome to the board! Yes, we love our Gibsons
  3. Hello there, welcome to the board!
  4. Gibson supplied all their venders with the same specs for the 2018 Tribute and they all advertise it as such, with the 490R/498T pups. These were advertised specs for the complete run of the 2018 Tribute and they are still listed as such. We have seen Gibson correct misinformation plenty of times for other errors, but this information has stayed the same now going on two years. I suggest the website specs are actually correct so this statement does not apply to this issue.
  5. Hi there, welcome to the board! congratulations on your new J-45 πŸ™‚
  6. I'm usually a factory case guy, but man, those are NICE!
  7. Welcome to the board! πŸ™‚
  8. arcticsg


    No kidding! Oh but, we love that hologram....
  9. Yeah, it looks the the SG Standard gold series in Alpine White are done. Actually I was surprised to see it run the extra year. I picked up an Alpine White from Sam Ash before these were out, but it's just a regular standard for 2017. No gold hardware or knobs. My Gibby baby pic:
  10. Here's another +1 for ya! 😎
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