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  1. The only reason I didn’t go with the Greenback for the DSL 40c, I was worried that there would be enough power to easily blow out single 25/30w Greenback... Luckily the Creamback turned out to be an excellent choice for the DSL 40c. But, now for those 4 x 12” cabs... Greenbacks
  2. I can’t remember if it was Guitar Center or Sweetwater... just be sure it’s UK made 😉
  3. Congratulations, and a Happy NGD to you!
  4. You may as well go ahead and enjoy it. Crank it up, we all do... it’s a Marshall after all!
  5. I have the older DSL40c for the last 3-4 years, and it’s been a great amp. I have never had a problem with it. Best thing I did was swap out the stock speaker with a Celestion 65w Creamback. The stock speaker is pretty much junk. It was a night and day difference in tone and color. The Creamback truly brought this amp alive!
  6. “Got Fender?” ...and a few others 😉
  7. That’s a great price on the DSL40c, and with the Celestion upgrade to boot! With the creamback, that is an excellent amp setup. I did the same thing to mine as well.
  8. NICE!! That is quite the collection 😃 All I have is a lowly ‘68 Bassman Bassman head. I have lots of Fender Strats though. 😉
  9. Gibson Quick Connect Adapter Cable:
  10. You have a “2019 SG Standard 61” Gibson didn’t make a 2019 SG ‘61 Reissue. You got some good advice from rct. Good luck with the intonation. 😎
  11. I’ll take the 2013 SG Original all day, every day over the SG Standard 61. Also, besides chrome hardware, and the addition of the Vibrola, they are identical to the ‘61 Reissues from 2003-2012, including, pups, large headstock and correct crown placement.
  12. Thanks! 😎 And yours as well I might add. Those P-90’s rock!
  13. A popular mod. Congrats, looks good! 😎
  14. That’s about the only way to get batteries or parts for them any more. I have 5 Gibby’s that are GForce equipped. Whenever I see a used (or removed) GForce assembly or battery on the ‘Bay for a reasonable price, I pick it up. 😉
  15. Congrats, Happy NGD to ya! 😎 ...and NICE flame on that neck/fretboard! 😉
  16. I’ve always gone with the Standard models. Same deal with the SGs. Except for the 2019 and newer Modern SG Standards. Not my cup of tea.
  17. arcticsg


    What a beauty! Happy NGD to you! 🙂
  18. Curious, did you ever get resolution to your Battery / Charger issue?
  19. 1965 reissue? Are you’re referring to the ‘64 Standard reissue w/Vibrola? Other than looks, this is a completely different SG. Main difference for price is that it’s a Custom shop build. That in itself has always commands the higher price tag. As for differences in the instrument, there are many. All the woods are hand picked and of higher quality. Different shaped neck and vintage frets. Also the pups are unique to this build and wiring is different. There’s a few other things I’m sure I missed. And oh, the crown on the headstock is in the correct location.
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