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    Axcess vs 59

    Im looking at getting this really nice quilt Axcess I seen on reverb. I love the sound of my 59 but I really like a floyd rose. Is there a noticeable difference in sound between the two? And does a quilt top sound different from a flame top?
  2. I might sell my Neal Schon guitar if the price is right.
  3. Thank you, I found a link for the Elite that I am looking at buying. I just talked the seller into lowering the price so I'm trying to make this deal happen. Thank you for everything.
  4. Thanks for all the information. Also, I want to clarify to ( the other side ) that I have bought from this seller many times on eBay. We all know that Gibson is now into CME pockets and are regulating Reverb by forcing ALL sellers to list as mint vs new.
  5. I am considering buying this guitar. I know there are only 40 out there so asking if anyone owns one is probably pointless. So I will ask, does anyone own any koa acoustic guitar and how is the sound quality?
  6. Venom

    Purple Axcess

    So if I am correct, this one is a flametop? https://reverb.com/item/1620166-unplayed-still-in-the-box-limited-edition-gibson-les-paul-custom-axcess-guitar-evh-schon-rhoads Thank you!
  7. Venom

    Purple Axcess

    I noticed that this one has a diamond design at the top of the neck and the other being called a standard does not. The seller told me this one is a maple flametop? What does this mean and what exactly is a quilt? I'm learning so I appoligize for my lack of guitar terminology.
  8. I noticed a purple Gibson axcess guitar while browsing on Reverb.com today. It says that it is a custom and I am not certain what this means? What is a custom Axcess and what is a standard Axcess? Is purple a standard color? And while I'm asking what does quilt mean? I'm sorry if I sound new to all of this but I am.
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