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  1. The little clip attaching to the strap button was worn out. It is not a problem if the strap lock is in "U - position", mine was in "A - position" where the clip is doing all the holding.
  2. Straplocks on my 2013 Teaburst LP Standard failed, and down went the guitar to the rehearsal place floor. Luckily the damage was limited to a dent on the body, but it irritates me to hell right now. Does anybody have experience on fixing things like these? Golden lesson here: don´t trust straplock (I used quality Gotoh locks) AND most importantly always be sure they are set in U - shape (prevents falldown if the lock fails).
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply! I have to check in to those Classic-models.
  4. Hi! I am proud owner of Gibson Flying-V ´68 reissue (like this one here). What I am not so sure about the guitar is the bridge pickup (Gibson 500T). It is very hot and I am wondering could I get a bit more "classic" tones with a replacement pickup. I play rock and need distorted sounds and sustain enough for playing solos. If you have experience in replacing 500T - especially in vintage-style Gibson Flying-V - give me some advice please :) I have Duncan 59 on one of my Les Pauls, but for a guitar as bright sounding as Flying-V I believe it is not a very good choice.
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