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  1. Guitars are not golf clubs........each is an individual, often as different as night and day. It's on you for not removing the second guitar from the case and doing a thorough inspection before laying down your money. And then, after discovering cosmetic issues, you put the guitar away for three years before deciding it's time to bring them to the attention of the dealer and Gibson. It's you for not attending to your concerns immediately.........how could you expect a dealer or manufacturer be accountable for cosmetics after three years? That's just wrong thinking. Who told you an "X"
  2. Yep.......these are the Grover 135 series. Bottom screw hole does align with the single screw of the rotomatics, upper screw would just be cosmetics since the post is bolted in place.
  3. Not certain which model Rotos are there now but Stew Mac has all of them with accurate dimensional drawings to find the drop-in replacement. It will almost certainly be another model of Grover.............the 135 Series will likely do it without any mods and will considerably lighten the headstock. G'luck!
  4. As your #2 indicates, sanding the bottom could expose the ends of the bridge slot. All of the cut-thru saddles I've encountered have been glued in, other wise they could slide in the bridge slot. Given these circumstances, the best solution is sanding the top of the saddle, not a job for the uninitiated. Delicate work to keep the sandpaper off the bridge and to maintain the radius. Be careful. And yes, 3-13 is light........very nice.
  5. I had forgotten you did this one, Rob............I am flattered, sir. Thank you.
  6. .........I could do this kind of thing for hours on end. The J-35 is long gone.....and Jinder is sporting the Sunrise pickup these days.......time marches on......
  7. Here in the USA, as we enjoy ourselves this weekend, let us remember those that laid down their lives that we might do so.
  8. Don't be so sure you'll need to replace the saddle. I've removed the element from many an under-saddle pickup system and not had to get a new saddle. If removal does cause significant action issues I'd try the Colosi saddle shims before anything else.
  9. Ah but the split parallelogram inlays are correct for a factory built left handed instrument, slanted in the correct direction. Looks like a true southpaw to me........a southpaw player.
  10. I for one think they are quite fine looking, not being done in a slap-dash manner but with care. Text says one is a 1958 and the other 1962. I like them but not $50K worth!
  11. Speaking from personal experience, if you don't have your health you've got little in this world. Glad to hear you're hanging tough, gritting your teeth and enjoying the good days. Wishing you the best in this trial by fire, Jinder, and hoping the sun returns to your sky soon.
  12. Smudge schmudge...........it's a guitar, play it. As for strings Martin Retros sound like a good fit for you..........nickel wrapped for corrosion resistance and an old school thumpy tone.
  13. Very good capo. I'm sure you have many different capo makes in your quiver...............do a "tone test", the Heritage vs. the others. I have found a distinct difference: the Heritage retains much of the tonal resonance that others seem to attenuate.
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