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  1. Smudge schmudge...........it's a guitar, play it. As for strings Martin Retros sound like a good fit for you..........nickel wrapped for corrosion resistance and an old school thumpy tone.
  2. Very good capo. I'm sure you have many different capo makes in your quiver...............do a "tone test", the Heritage vs. the others. I have found a distinct difference: the Heritage retains much of the tonal resonance that others seem to attenuate.
  3. Not an uncommon occurrence with Gibson..........maybe it as something to do with the gassing of a nitro finish. Mine did the same many moons ago. Get some of THIS STUFF from StewMAc, remove the guard, clean the guitar and underside of the guard with lighter fluid, apply the new adhesive sheet and stick it back on the guitar. Sounds tedious......perhaps it is, but the reattached guard never lifted again. Clean well, grasshopper, as this is much of the secret. Now there are many suggestions and methods for removing the pick guard, most of which I am sure a valid. More lighter fluid, dental floss, etc. I've removed several over the years with just the application of a little heat from a blow drier and a steady, gentle lifting pressure as the adhesive softens, working from one end of the guard. Never had any issue at all and the thing is off in a couple minutes............no biggy.
  4. Well thanks, fellas! We're good here, no trouble. A mandatory evacuation order was issued Tuesday morning but, after considering things for a time, I decided to stay on the island........which became a ghost town. I'll admit staying was a gamble as the early forecast tracks had a bullseye on us..........I imagine some would even say it was foolish. Perhaps. As it turned out we got a bit of wind and very little rain. As Sal sang it, a simple twist of fate. Thanks for your good wishes!
  5. A Bigsby can be cantankerous if not setup right........and they never were meant for Van Halen style gymnastics. (The secret with a Bigsby on a Gretsch: use the Rocking Bar bridge.) Having been through dozens of electric guitars in the years I played out, the Gretsch 6120 was the one for me. Lightweight with a warm, clean tone, short scale.......perfect. Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, SGs......all fine instruments, but the 6120 was IT for me.
  6. For those that don't know the tune............... Those Who Wait This is beyond my imagination.
  7. Bravo! Well done, Sal! Dig the harmonies you do here and the ukulele + guitar is a great combination for this tune. 🖖 nanu nanu!
  8. Yeah, Murph, I know................kinda took it as a compliment actually. Beach is to open on Monday but with restrictions: 6am to 9am only, no beach chairs or umbrellas, social distancing applies, $500 misdemeanor fine for violations. So, not time for busking yet but I will be able to hit the beachfront early to fish!
  9. Broke out the watercolors and scratched this out...............can't imagine what's on my mind.........
  10. And that's why it's on the headstock........I can put it right up in my face! The tunes in red are originals, as if I didn't know which was which already 🙄 This is not a "do-'em-in-this-order" kind of list, rather tunes I can play and sing well enough to do as the mood strikes or the situation seems to call for. I run them all regularly here at home so as not to lose touch with any of them.............if they're on the list they are ready to go.
  11. For you buskers and open mic-ers out there, where do you keep your set list? When I worked with a band we kept multiple sets on paper on the floor of the stage......everyone had a copy and knew what's next without prompting.........worked well. Performing solo is different though and I've found this solution: the back-of-the-headstock setlist. Listed in no order other than by capo position, in my case O (open) through the 6th. How do you cats keep a setlist handy?
  12. A 2019 guitar is likely to be tight sounding, some more than others, but it is true that time played sweetens the wood. I play a 2016 J-45 Vintage that has darkened tonally from when it was new, but every guitar is an individual. If you otherwise like the guitar I'd certainly give it time to settle into itself. I would say that finger style doesn't drive the top like attacking it with a pick so if there is some change in timbre it may be slow to appear. Don't know how a Vintage differs from a '42 Banner, if at all other than name.
  13. Indeed! A fellow forum member made that for me and it's really grown on me. Quite unique, yes? Again.....indeed! For the 1-2 hours I plan to work up to (stamina is underrated!) I'm not much concerned for the guitar. Wood absorbing humidity is a slow process. The warmth of direct sun is likely to require an initial retuning but not much of an issue. I am anticipating the UV rays yellowing the nitro, turning this blue guitar to a shade of turquoise.........should be interesting!
  14. Ain't it though? Didn't need to tweak it at all.......just spot on at the 6th. Thanks for listening, guys. I just tried this capo thing this morning and I suspect the vocal will improve with reps. So yeah, I think this will make it to the "back-of-the-headstock-setlist". Now all I need is for Galveston to open the beaches.
  15. Terrapin Guitars. The tiger stripe on my 45 is their standard shape and cut, no mods required.
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