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  1. Bravo! Well done, Sal! Dig the harmonies you do here and the ukulele + guitar is a great combination for this tune. 🖖 nanu nanu!
  2. Yeah, Murph, I know................kinda took it as a compliment actually. Beach is to open on Monday but with restrictions: 6am to 9am only, no beach chairs or umbrellas, social distancing applies, $500 misdemeanor fine for violations. So, not time for busking yet but I will be able to hit the beachfront early to fish!
  3. Broke out the watercolors and scratched this out...............can't imagine what's on my mind.........
  4. And that's why it's on the headstock........I can put it right up in my face! The tunes in red are originals, as if I didn't know which was which already 🙄 This is not a "do-'em-in-this-order" kind of list, rather tunes I can play and sing well enough to do as the mood strikes or the situation seems to call for. I run them all regularly here at home so as not to lose touch with any of them.............if they're on the list they are ready to go.
  5. For you buskers and open mic-ers out there, where do you keep your set list? When I worked with a band we kept multiple sets on paper on the floor of the stage......everyone had a copy and knew what's next without prompting.........worked well. Performing solo is different though and I've found this solution: the back-of-the-headstock setlist. Listed in no order other than by capo position, in my case O (open) through the 6th. How do you cats keep a setlist handy?
  6. A 2019 guitar is likely to be tight sounding, some more than others, but it is true that time played sweetens the wood. I play a 2016 J-45 Vintage that has darkened tonally from when it was new, but every guitar is an individual. If you otherwise like the guitar I'd certainly give it time to settle into itself. I would say that finger style doesn't drive the top like attacking it with a pick so if there is some change in timbre it may be slow to appear. Don't know how a Vintage differs from a '42 Banner, if at all other than name.
  7. Indeed! A fellow forum member made that for me and it's really grown on me. Quite unique, yes? Again.....indeed! For the 1-2 hours I plan to work up to (stamina is underrated!) I'm not much concerned for the guitar. Wood absorbing humidity is a slow process. The warmth of direct sun is likely to require an initial retuning but not much of an issue. I am anticipating the UV rays yellowing the nitro, turning this blue guitar to a shade of turquoise.........should be interesting!
  8. Ain't it though? Didn't need to tweak it at all.......just spot on at the 6th. Thanks for listening, guys. I just tried this capo thing this morning and I suspect the vocal will improve with reps. So yeah, I think this will make it to the "back-of-the-headstock-setlist". Now all I need is for Galveston to open the beaches.
  9. Terrapin Guitars. The tiger stripe on my 45 is their standard shape and cut, no mods required.
  10. I really, really like this tune and am not ready to give up on it just yet. Choke the Hummingbird off at the 6th and let 'er rip! Very happy that the intonation holds up very well with the capo so far up the neck, but still not completely convinced this passes the smell test. (I make note again of the G7 Heritage capo. I tried an Elliot and a Kat Eyz at this high position and the Heritage most definitely delivers a better tone from the guitar.) Texas Blue; Gibson 80/20 half step down, G7 capo 6th; Blue Chip pick; iPad to Garageband.
  11. Done this many times and you'll get many suggestions of the best method....... A little heat from a blow drier.......just enough to warm things a bit, don't make it hot. Catch an edge with a fingernail and begin lifting gently, keeping the warmth on it. Always has come up clean for me this way. The adhesive residue is cleaned up with lighter fluid........voila! A naked top.
  12. Knew right away who Blanche was before you spoke a word, Dave. This is conversational, lyrically speaking, and well written. When it ended my first thought was "but there's more to the story"........but not if the tale is about Blanche was the second thought. Nicely done, sir.
  13. Thanks, friends, but the vocal here is pretty weak..........very weak, in fact, and a good example of singing from the throat, which I am often guilty of when first learning a tune. Lots of things going on in the learning process and until there's been sufficient reps some aspects don't get full attention. As the instrumental part becomes more ingrained and automatic the vocal starts getting more attention and improves (at least to the point where no further improvement can be had!). After another couple dozen reps yesterday the vocal is much improved and I do think this one will work out okay. This take? I'm with Nick: the instrumental arrangement is good......the vocal is not even close. But it's coming around! Thanks for listening!
  14. Once the restrictions are lifted (safely I add) it is my intent to spend some time busking on the Galveston seawall...........find a nice bench in the shade of a palm and knock out a few tunes for tips. Being retired now I'll certainly have the time.........question is, do I have the hutzpah. 😶 Given that plan, I've been trying to build the repertoire a bit and I started wrecking this Steely Dan tune yesterday. It's come along somewhat but as this video demonstrates, it still has a ways to go if it's to survive the cut. It's quite difficult to sing and that may, in the end, be the factor that gets this one nixed. Secondly, I question is this song belongs in a buskers quiver............is this a tune you would take notice of if you were strolling the beachfront? Here we go, warts and all................ Big Blue Texas; Gibson 80/20 lights, half step down; JB pick; raw audio from iPad (no additional EQ or processing)
  15. And this matters because......? It's a guitar, a tool for making music. Does it sound right.......play right.......feel right? That's all that really matters, isn't it? Someone will think so, buy the guitar and be happy as a clam about it, cosmetics be damned. Tradition sometimes stands in the way of progress, yes?
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