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  1. With a Sunrise pickup in the both of them........a very good pickup for a rock n' roll band playing acoustic guitars. Long live da Stones!
  2. Seems we Yanks have done quite well over the years with the gear we’ve had. Glad you’re happy with yours, but we’re happy with ours too.
  3. Neil Sargent is very good but quite the cantankerous old soul.......and he's usually stacked up and it takes a bit to get the work done. Dave at Rockin' Robin is a very agreeable fellow and quite good........he works in the shop in the front of the store alone, there are some other techs in another shop toward the back.......I'd go to him. In any case, fear not the drilling of a hole in your precious. It's done everyday and is one of those always successful jobs..........it's really no big deal. I did mine myself in my J-45 V, leaving the stock strap button and placing the pickup jack behind it.......I hate having to open up the hole on a strap to make it fit those big honkin' strap jacks. It's a tool and if you want to make good use of it in a new way (playing amplified) you got to make some adjustments to your tool.
  4. What is your intended use of this setup? Busking? Open mics? House parties? While an open microphone on an acoustic guitar arguably provides the best acoustic tone, unless used under very controlled circumstances they are sadly lacking in efficiency. As noted, it's difficult to get consistent volume from the guitar, it being a moving target, and dialing up the gain to compensate generally results in feedback problems. A mic'ed guitar is very nice for quiet home sessions with a few friends, where there's not a lot of volume required to compete with a noisy room, or in a concert hall where the acoustics are right and there's a system dedicated to delivering top-notch sound. Outside of those situations an open mic on an acoustic guitar is usually a nightmare. Completely impractical for hitting open mic stages as the setup/sound check stuff takes too long and would be frowned upon by other players and the host. Don't mean to rain on your parade but you'll find you're much better off with an on-board pickup of some kind and leave the microphone for the vocals. Been there, done that......too many times.
  5. Reverb is as good a place as any to get a feel for what's being asked for a particular model of a particular vintage. Search used instruments at some of the larger, vintage-oriented dealers, like Norm's. Of course you'll have to honestly evaluate the condition of your instruments v. what you might see online. G'luck!
  6. Well sir, I will say your singing is very good on this song..........you have learned well, grasshopper! Pretty much on pitch throughout, clear and warm........very well done, Lars!
  7. I agree, Joe. The extremes of humidity wreak their own kind of havoc with instruments. This man will never convince me that forced heat in winter does not cause severe drying of instrument woods, leading directly to cracking and requiring case and/or room humidification to avoid such problems. Doubtless he has a lot of experience with instrument repair/building but no amount of experience can cover up a lack of common sense, which seems to have failed him on this issue. Oh and good luck with that attic "kiln".
  8. Those of you that write...........are there times when you feel like something is coming..........like right out there on an edge of your mind........the muse dancing, just out of earshot. Been feeling that way for too long now. Somebody slap me.
  9. Looks like they did the ol' boy right.
  10. Yep. Happens to most at some point, sometimes more than once. Beatles gave up live work real quick. Stones tour, what? Every four or five years now? Oh yeah, it's a hoot early in the game........not much in this world that delivers the adrenaline and joy of singing and playing for a responsive live audience. But, like everything else we do time and time again, the shine dulls and it becomes hum-drum, ho hum. Burnout might last a few weeks, a few months, even years........might not ever want to do it again.........but forcing it is worse. Let it be. You'll know if and when the juices start bubbling up again. Enjoy the downtime. 😎
  11. Yep. Unbound neck, no bridge inlays, plain pick guard.......J-100.
  12. That's my island, BK! At about 1:25 in the video there's the Pleasure Pier.............about four blocks from the new house! Under the boardwalk........
  13. I think this is true. Lay your arm on your finished coffee table for a time, rub it around and you'll get the same result. It's just body oils, sweat and general gunk that dulls the finish over time. Not something I concern myself with........it comes with using the instrument........but I guess I can understand some folks being OCD about such things.
  14. Sad but apparently true. In this photo, this guitar does look suspicious. Sunburst looks wonky, pick guard shape looks off somehow, some of the fret board inlays look funny, not seen a 200 with keystone machine heads. Appears to be a Chibson. The consumers' defense for such schemes is good research, but is there a remedy the manufacturers can pursue with any hope of success? This only serves to alienate consumers.
  15. Perfect, Grunt! Gonna leave the city, got to get away.........my thinking exactly! Might have to run before a storm down there once in awhile. Sat out four hurricanes and numerous tropical storms here in the city but being on the island is a whole nuther thang.
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