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  1. Well done on all fronts, sir! Two fine instruments on display there............ An on-line open mic? What a concept! Was it a live streaming kind of thing with interaction between players?
  2. I did try the D'Addario NB some time ago and while I cannot recall the specifics, I do know I was unimpressed. Of course, this may have everything to do with the fact that the NBs were a detour from the Martin Retros I had been using regularly at the time. I can tell you that, as the name of both of your suggested sets imply, these are nickel plated wound strings, brass being pretty much 80/20 and bronze being phosphor bronze. Martin's Retros are a pure nickel winding and not a plated alloy. If you're looking to test your guitars' tone with nickel, I'd recommend the Retros for the full effect. As an aside, after playing Retros for a couple years on my J45, I have recently gone back to phosphor bronze.........but the set of Gibson 80/20 on there now are quite nice.
  3. Everyone ages. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes. He's already made it. Everything and everyone changes.......the only absolute truth in this universe.
  4. Heck, Sal, we're all guilty of this one! Though I have tamed my "guitar gadget" addiction, I have yet to do the same for fishing gear..........seems there's always something I figure will work better, most often not the case. Good work! McCartney has some tough pipes to follow, huh.
  5. The label says it's a limited edition Big Sky Hummingbird. Among the four Hummingbirds the store had in stock this one sounded obviously much better than any of the rest and though blue is not my fav color on an acoustic guitar, it was really no contest tonally. It originally had a black & white Hummingbird etched pick guard that was just butt ugly. Our own Dave F stepped up with a few suggestions for replacement and we settled on this one...............single-layer solid white with a Texas cutout. (Thanks, Dave!)
  6. This is quite powerful. This is why Dylan was, is and always will be relevant. There may never be another like him.........ever.
  7. Thanks, G! I think I understand what you mean by "powdery" here, and I believe it is produced by a particular angle of attack with the pick that has become habit. Sometimes I like it but I do strive to overcome it as habit as it doesn't always work well. Galveston? Oh yeah - love living on the island! Thanks for listening, folks! Please stay safe out there..........we're all riders on the storm these days.
  8. Things a bit slow these days, huh. Just hangin' at the house, fighting off boredom........ Texas Blue Hummingbird, 80/20 Gibson lights down 1/2 step, capo 3, JB pick, iPad video run through Garageband for EQ..............good enough?
  9. ….this doesn't fit so well on the acoustic forum, but I wanted to bring these folks to your attention. A collection of some very, very fine players from the Ukraine covering some very, very amazing music. Aside from the obvious talent displayed here, listening to this makes me appreciate what Chicago did so many years ago. Bear in mind that this is a live performance in studio, no over-dubbing whatsoever. Every player is dead-nuts on...………..knocks me out.
  10. Agreed. Plek is an automated leveling of the the frets and does nothing to address string height in the nut nor the saddle. It takes a skilled eye to complete a proper setup. Personally I'd not be concerned with getting a guitar plekked but rather see that it gets adjusted by a good luthier to your liking. If fret leveling is necessary the setup guy/gal can take care of that. If you like the looks and sound of the instrument take it to a good shop and get it playing better.
  11. Bit of reverb added to the track........just seems to sweeten everything nicely. Still have the blue Hummingbird and do intend to rescue it from its' case in the corner soon.......promise. Thanks for the love!
  12. Thanks, fellas. Nick: stole this from a Winwood solo acoustic version I found on the web. I drop an extra note in a couple of the chords that make it sound a bit different but it's quite similar. And I agree, his vocal register for that one is clean outta sight.
  13. Happy 2020 all! Hope all is well in your worlds! Been off with other things of late......haven't even been playing lately. But yesterday I managed to find at the guitar in the closet and thought I'd give dropped D a try.......... Down a half step in drop D, capo at 2 for vocal accommodation.........
  14. Sunbeam 12s are good.....yep. But the lightest "feel" of all (in my experience) are Martin Titaniums. Expensive, yes, but they feel unlike anything else out there.......out of the package they're like cooked spaghetti noodles. Nice, dry thumpy tone as well.
  15. Well I won't say my 45 is perfect but there is absolutely nothing I would change on it nor about it.............it's right as it is just now. Pleases my ear and suits my style of play quite well. Nothing more I could ask for from a guitar.
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