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  1. Hey guys, so this is my first song recorded in a professional studio :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK_9nqOrYPU I would love to hear some feedback :)
  2. when it comes to wood is very important to know the source location as it helps fight illegal wood extractions.
  3. i choose mine because i love tigers, the colour blue and since just BlueTiger wasn't available on steam when i made it i added the winged :D
  4. Hey guys :D recently got a 90's les paul mij, i tried to look for it but found nearly 0 info on it and maybe i could drink from the fountain of infinite knowledge that is the internet :D all info i know on it it that it was made somewhere between 89-99 in japan and that the serial number is 909124 but nothing else :/ would be lovely to learn a bit more about it :D
  5. got some here in Brazil... anta gorda (fat tapir) not quite sure about the translation... entrepelado (getinnaked) i'm pretty sure that's not what they meant when naming it feliz natal (merry christmaas) jardin de piranhas (piranha's yard) weeeird.
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