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  1. My favorite Epi in my personal collection is my 2008 SG GX Prophecy. From the binding on the headstock to the exquisite quilted maple cap,,they did everything right on these babies . The gibson Dirty Fingers pickups scream and the matt finish neck and ebony fingerboard are just a dream to play. My neck at this point looks like it has a gloss finish on it just from me playing it so much. Top that off with a nice set of grovers and to me anyway ,,you've got a real winner here. This guitar started me on a bit of an SG kick ,,,i also got a 2005 Korina g400 and a Gibson 60s tribute with p90s But ,,my Prophecy kills em all.
  2. may be too late as i see this post is a few months old but ,,i had the dsame problem with my vee and i was able to find just the plastic tullp pieces that pushed right on to the existing shafts ,,they looked pretty darn close to the originals and they were cheap . i found them at www,elderly.com
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