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  1. Just thought I'd let you guys know that I did pull the old pickguard off this guitar and I didn't even need the naptha to do it. It came off that easy and with no damage to the finish. But I will get some naptha and take the adhesive off the body and the old pick guard. I think the old pick guard looks like I might be able to straighten it out if I press it under some books or something. If not I will just hang onto it and buy a new one and some double sided adhesive from Stewmac.. I really do appreciate all the help guys. So thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply Jimmy. I very much appreciate the advice.
  3. Unfortunately strummer, I am not the original owner of this guitar. Because if I was , I would definitely let Gibson do it for me. When it is warm out here and the pickguard starts to peel up, it does quite a bit of cupping too. So that a much smaller portion of the pickguard is actually still touching the surface of the guitar. I am pretty sure that using naptha and gently peeling it away , I think it should come right off. So that is probably what I will do tonight when I get home( it's supposed to be 105-109 here again in Alabama today).I do believe it's is very likely the heat and the humidity here in Alabama are the cause of the issue. I usually work on my own guitars some anyway and even build a few electrics for myself from time to time. I don't have a lot experience working on or building acoustics though and that is why I really do appreciate all the good advice all you guys give me here.I am currently working on a nearly all solid Indian rosewood carved top LP.... the body is solid mahogany with a QS carved Indian rosewood top with 3 Gibson humbuckers, 5-way strat switching, to get the in between positions , a solid Indian rosewood LP neck and a rosewood fretboard with an abalone and MOP vine and flower design with hummingbirds at the flowers, that goes the whole length of the neck. I will try to post pics of it if I ever get it finished...wink.
  4. Thanks so much for the info ,strummer. You said that if the pick guard is curling up, it may not lie flat enough for me to reattach it? Do they sometimes some times warp so badly from this issue that they are no longer reusable and if so, any ideas on what most often causes this issue....pick guard drying out, humidity issues with the wood itself, etc...? Thanks.
  5. Thanks , Lars, for the info and the links. It's much appreciated.
  6. Hi guys. I have an 07' USA Gibson Songwriter Deluxe EC Custom Koa that was made in Dec of '07 for an "08 Promotion for Guitar Center. It's one of fifty that were made, front back and sides of flamed koa.One was sent to each of the fifty states. The problem I am having is that every time I open the case the pick guard is lifting all the way around and I was wondering if anyone has anyone words of wisdom for me about how to fix this issue. I hate to replace any part on this guitar with a new one given that it was one of only fifty that were made that year. Would you glue down the old pick guard or buy a new one? What is recommended for glue to keep them stuck down? I have heard that this issue can also cause the top wood to crack in the area between the bridge and the sound hole. How concerned should I be about that? Thanks, Guys.
  7. Thanks mKwatra427. I took your advice about checking out videos of people playing the Sidewinders. But could only find one video of some guys talking about them and one of them being played. I loved the way they sounded. But was only able to find one Sidewinder being sold online. So I decided to just jump in with both feet ,because I know so little about P90's and bought 2 DP162's and one DP154 for the bridge.They will be hooked up to a 5 way switch. It should be a fun guitar to play, being half Les Paul and half strat. I will try to post a pick of it when I get it finished sometime in the next couple of weeks so you guys can check it out.
  8. Thanks for the input mKwatra427. It's much appreciated. I did see a few of them online on an auction type website. But have not had a chance to try them out myself. Have you tried them yourself yet and if so did you like their sound and response?
  9. Hi....I am building a guitar that will combine two of my favorite guitar designs. It will have a semi hollow, solid alder LP body, with a flamed maple top, with one "F" hole and a solid pao ferro strat neck. The body is routed for 3 P90 pickups and all strat hardware ,including a 5-way switch. I am hoping to stick with Gibson pickups to get that classic Gibson tone for an all around use...for blues, rock, R&B, and jazz fusion kinds of play. Classic guitar tones similar to everyone from old Clapton, Page, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana and old Allman Bros to things like Joe Bonamassa, Steve Stevens and Al DiMeola(just to name a few)....that kind of clear over driven tone ,that mellows when you back off on the volume knob,is what I am looking for. It has come to my attention that there is a new Gibson P90 pickup out there( the Sidewinder P90H) and I would love to hear any feedback from you guys that have tried it or know anything about it...it's pros and cons and uses....and whether or not you think this would be a good choice for this project or if you think there is a better P90 shaped pickup to do this job.Is there a P90 shaped pickup that has the tone and response of a classic humbucker? I am also putting together a solid mahogany LP with a solid indian rosewood top that will have a solid indian rosewood LP neck on it and will also have 3 humbuckers with a 5-way switch. I will be using this one for the same purpose and would appreciate any feedback you would have for me on choices of Gibson humbucking pickups to do this job as well. Thanks.
  10. Hey 6stringking and Vistadeck....sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you guys. I am very glad you were able to find the post. It took me a very long time to find out anything about this wonderful guitar. I spent a long time searching the internet and talked to someone at Gibson and was not able to find much of anything out. But was lucky enough to find out , that in this particular case , it was a special promotion created for Guitar Center. I was told by the guy from Guitar Center that the original price point was $2499.00(...but I do believe the price of this guitar would be closer to 3000.00 today). I did also notice that they made a few more of them in one of the years that followed. Because I saw the ads online for Gibson acoustics and they were offering a couple of their models with solid flamed Koa tops, backs and sides....the Hummingbird and the Songwriter Deluxe. But it must have also been in limited numbers. I can't remember the price on the Songwriters. But, I know the price on the Koa Hummingbirds was near $4000.00.....would loved to have had one of those too....wink. I am glad that you both got one and are enjoying them. I do still have mine today and will probably never sell it. I do agree with you Vista about the tone is really wonderful because it gives you that great brightness that Gibson acoustics are known for ,the nice midrange tone from the Koa and the low end boom from the way the Songwriter Deluxe is designed. It is very well balance tonally speaking. It is truly a great guitar. I love it. Come say hello sometime , guys, if you want to. I am shadow72255 on yahoo IM.
  11. First of all I wanted to say thanks for your response Tim.Sorry I didn't get back to you right away.But I had some medical stuff that came up that needed my attention.Those solid Brazilian rosewood LP's from the 70's would a be dream guitar come true ,huh?I love the way guitars from the 50's ,60's and early 70's played and felt in your hand.I was thinking that I'd like to try out a solid rosewood LP before I spend the 6000.00-8000.00 USD I assume I would need to have Gibson make me one.So I have been trying to build a solid rosewood one myself.I was able to get a QS solid indian rosewood neck and fretboard. But had to settle for a solid mahogany body with a 1/2" QS solid indian rosewood carved top on it.But I think it will give me a good idea of how it would sound if I have Gibson make me one of solid rosewood(it will probably just have a little bit warmer sound because of the mahogany)....of course it will not be made to Gibson specs anyway and I am certainly not a luthier...just a guy who likes to play guitar.So I will be shaping it till it feels right in my hand and building it on my kitchen table.I think I will be building it using all Gibson gold or copper hardware,with 3 Gibson humbuckers and a 5-way switch like a strat.I am enclosing a few pics of the neck that is going on it,so you can see it and I will post a couple of pics of the fretboard and body as soon as I get some taken.Any ideas on what you think might work well for pickups on it?Thanks again.Kurt
  12. I was wondering ,if anyone could tell me if Gibson has ever made a solid indian rosewood LP Standard or Custom(someone told me ,they thought they did a few years ago.But they weren't sure.) ? If so,I would love to hear from anyone who has played one or get some feedback on how you think a solid indian rosewood LP would sound and what pickups you think might work well with the tonal properties of the rosewood. I own a couple of Telecasters with solid cocobolo necks(also a type of rosewood)...one on a solid koa body and one on a solid honduran rosewood body...both with Custom Shop '51 Nocaster pickups.They have a great sound.The necks are so resonant. Both guitars have a classic tele sound but with a strat rumble in the neck position and a very raw quality in the bridge position,created by the resonance of the cocobolo necks. Would it be likely that I would get the same kind of resonant response in a solid indian rosewood LP?
  13. Thanks everyone for all the info and suggestions.Its much appreciated.It can be difficult to choose when there are so many choices for short scale small bodied acoustics out there to choose from.It would difficult to try them all.Thanks again to all who have answered.
  14. Hi Alek.This is the advice of someone who has been playing guitar for 43 yrs.You will know when you put the right one in your hand.Just by the way it feels in your hand and feels when you play it. I agree with the guys who said the standard ,the custom and the traditional are all great guitars.You just need to play a few of each and choose the one that feels like it belongs to you. I have always played Fenders and still do and love them very much.But have always wanted a Les Paul too and recently bought one myself.So I went through this a little while ago too.I had always thought I wanted the standard but ended up choosing a custom instead.Because it was the one that spoke to me and that I just could not bring myself to leave it behind.So go figure!You will just know.happy hunting.
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