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  1. Have you designed a backrest so you don't wind up laying on your back ? Only one suggestion, turn the wind screen around and put your back against the rocks!
  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! The birds have a very mystic stand alone sound. The string gauges should be lights 12's thru 53's recommended by Gibson. I'm pretty sure the torrified tops only came on the true vintage models which are darker in color and have no factory on-board electronics and a carved pickguard. The one you have has the LR Baggs pick up I presume. I think I've read somewhere on the 2016, the finish color is described as a Vintage Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I have a 2013 bird with factory LR Baggs and is described as Heritage Cherry Sunburst that looks exactly like your photos. I'm sure some others who have one from your year will be walking in soon ! Again, congratulations!
  3. A very hearty welcome and "Congratulations" on the long road you journeyed to be an owner of one of the finest instruments in the world ! Brace for the impact from people who will compliment you and the mystical sound/sounds of the "Bird"!
  4. I'm with the other guys here about putting different gauge strings. I see the EJ15 (Dadarrio) strings are "extra light" 10-47's. Way way too light for such caliber of a j45. I would recommend to start with 12-53's or 12-54's before you start doing any type of adjustments,especially the truss rod. The truss rod is for neck relief and not action. The j45's from Gibson come out with at least 12 gauge strings on them. Just curious if you asked Sweetwater to put the ej15's on there?
  5. Yes it is a fake! Just a little more than a little bit! Just wondering if this is a joke?
  6. Hey KS Daddy, there is still an email from that Anna thing still in messanger unopened??? Pls advise
  7. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My phоtо here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses The Other Side

  8. I have one question for jvi. Do you own a real Gibson Guitar???? I recall your post of not wanting to pay 2 to 3 thousand dollars for a Gibson because it has imported tuners ! It sounds if you don't. Then please quit "Bashing" Gibson. Take your toys and find someplace else to "Play"!
  9. Wow,jobs and production, there would be a hay day on the Martin site and other companies in USA. Let's be fair to all.
  10. Oh my gosh !My bird has increased approximately 950 USD since I bought in 2013 all because Grover tuners are on it. I guess it would be worth more if it didn't! To me, they work great! Well I'll say it, I love em !
  11. Give a few Gibson's a play and voice your opinion. I waited 32 years to afford my hummingbird.
  12. Great song Buck! My buddy and I used to jam with that one. Dam near forgot about that one. Thanks, good job.
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