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  1. It drives me crazy when guitars show up like this. I have one where the slots in the nut were cut too deep. I’m taking it to get a bone replacement put in. It’s starting to look like most new guitars now need some kind of work done to them to be right or even playable. Anybody who gets one perfect out the box considers themselves lucky, that shouldn’t be the case. It’s just the way it is these days.
  2. I called Gibson and they were nice enough to send me a new power supply. Now that’s service
  3. That’s another thing, I prefer the ‘16 tribute necks. The ‘17’s and ‘18’s are thinner it seems. I’m gonna give it a try with the 2018 Thanks
  4. Will these fit on a regular full size Casino? Off topic Hallowdan, what model/Year Guitar is that in your avatar? I saw a red one being played in a band on tv the other day and asked about it on a forum, nobody knew what I was talking about. What’s that writing on the pickguard? A signature?
  5. Only after a little investigating and not hearing from anyone else on this topic. I do prefer the darker shade of gold paired with a nice medium brown back. There’s one on there that almost looks like they forgot to stain the back. It’s really light, almost natural looking. Check it out
  6. Black and Classy Nice looking guitar
  7. I’m also looking to buy a new Gibson Tribute Goldtop. I noticed that on Sweetwaters website that both ‘17 ( with 9 hole weight relief ) and the ‘18 Tributes ( without ) weigh about the same 8lbs - 8lbs 10 oz. I thought the weight relief would shave off a more noticeable amount of wood that the two year models would be different. I know all body’s are different and can have different density’s but if it’s this close why bother? I’m leaning toward the solid body 2018, prefer the pickup combo.
  8. I looked at 4 at a time on Sweetwaters website and there does seem to be variations in the shades of gold.
  9. Are you getting yours from Sweetwater? I don’t have anything really against them, no better or worse than GC Good Luck, I’m sure you’re going to get the best out of the bunch.
  10. Sweetwater email. Do you believe this can happen during shipping? Lol Hi Pete, I am sorry that the guitar arrived this way. This likely happened during the shipment and just needs pushed in. These screws are not meant to secure the pick ups tightly to the body of the guitar. They float the pick up on springs and are meant to adjust them up and down. The guitar went through the inspection process. Thanks, Jim Soracco Sweetwater Guitar Support
  11. I still like this model guitar and will try again.
  12. Got my replacement today and I’m not happy with Sweetwater There’s no way this thing was given their “55 point inspection”, the neck pickup is so high it’s hitting the strings. Also one of the pickup screws is about to fall out, and never screwed back down. As predicted, the top on this guitar looks plain compared to the last one. I wished they would have sent a pic before shipping this one out. I sent an email out asking to be notified when another batch comes in. This sucks
  13. I stopped by GC today and up high were two Gibson Les Paul tribute goldtops, side by side. A 2017 and 2018. It looked to me that the ‘17 had a slightly brighter shade of gold. Does anyone know if Gibson is using the same shade of gold on both models or are all goldtops slightly different? I still want one no matter what.
  14. I’m hoping for the same. I hate that I had to return it but a crack is a crack and binding is glued on. I just didn’t want it to continue separating or the crack to get worse. The top is another thing all together I agree. I still think it’s important. That’s why I like Sweetwater, it lets you look at the guitars front to back. I always look to see if the top is nice and the back multiple pieces aren’t so obvious. It sucks when the back has 3 shades of wood. Then again I’m a Painter by trade so I notice things like finishes more I guess.
  15. Probably not the best choice of words,sorry. I said this because I’ve been unlucky with Epiphone before, I returned a Slash Rosso Corsa before and ended buying the original back. The tops on the whole batch seemed to be bad. The right side showed the flame maple ( veneer ) beautifully but the left side grain seemed to be buried underneath. This was on all 3 guitars I bought and returned. If you look at the Epiphone website that shows that Slash guitar you’ll see the same pattern. It’s crazy http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Les-Paul/Ltd-Ed-Slash-Rosso-Corsa-Les-Paul-Standard.aspx
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