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  1. Thank you anyway for your help. Is there anybody with the right solution for this problem?.... H E L P !!!
  2. Hi, I installed the Deckadence2 about a week ago. Since then I tried to replace "Comments" by "Genre". Every time I press on the right button of the mouse in any field (for example Title), there is no responce, so I can't modify anything. I tried this over and over again, but still the same. First I installed the software on my Laptop (windows 10). When the problem ocurred, I installed the software on my desktop (different mouse), with Windows 10 as well. On both systems, the same problem. Now it seems that my right mouse button does not work in any field in this software on both computers. The mouse is brand new and works fine in all other programs on my system (Windows 10). I need help, thank you in advance. Regards, Glenn.
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