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  1. The LP100 doesnt have a set neck but it does have a thin neck thin like a strat. It has a carved top and decent sounding pickups. I got mine for $150. off guitar center used site. It has covered tuner but they arnt the best slightly thinner body not as heavy. The studio to me feels alot like the standard has better tuners then the LP100 and slightly better pickups. They have a classic look but you remove the pickguard and it starts to look more modern hot rodish. The Standards feel heavier are more solid feeling and the hardware feels alot better they look better IMO as well. Both my s
  2. I have a Gibson too but i only get it out at special times the Epiphone gets the majority of the abuse and noodeling around.
  3. I dont think ide get another LP100, ive found Studios on the Guitar Center Used gear site for $180. and i see Standards between $200 and $225. all the time. Ive seen the LP100 as low as $109. on GC used section I just got a 2010 Studio deluxe for $159. from GC and its the best EPI studio ive bought so far.
  4. I like it! Look at the one i built up. Chrome pickup covers, pickguard, intonation style bridge and witch hat knobs. Then i added an LE headstock cover. I plays alot better then it did stock because of the adjustable intonation
  5. This must be an old copy, you use to be able to spot stuff easier and quicker but they got better and now i think its alot harder to tell. For me the first thing i noticed was the curve at the top near the switch. Side by side you can see it more clearly the huge differences. I remember some years back on another gear forum there was some one who went to china and bought a nice epiphone it was white and she was there for like a week. Then she brought it back to the states and put 10s on it and gave it a setup. The next morning when she got up the neck had separated from the body from t
  6. I will say this, i watched a video on the Marshall forum with that chappers guy and he went to the DaDario string company and toured the plant. I was impressed with the company so i went out and bought 2 sets of the NYXL strings. I normally use EB slinky 10s in the lime green package. When i went from the EBs to the NYXL strings it sounded like i turned my midrange and treble knobs up each a few clicks and my bass down a few clicks. I was really disappointed to say the least. That and they are like 2X the price of any other type and brand. Ive gone many years playing the same type of strin
  7. Well i guess i dont know what pickups i even have to tell you how they sound. I can say this, the stock Gibson studio pickups were not very hot, i think they are classic wound (low ohms) they were bright and thin i took them out quickly. The epiphone studio the '14 and '15 sounded good thick and had a good hot output i liked em but i changed one of them with the SH-6 duncan designed clones just to compare. The LP100 has a good sound sept for the neck pickup its was a little hotter then i like 11 or 12K i believe and it sounded a little muddy IMO. The EPI special was slightly m
  8. Little story i wanted to pass on. I traded a jetcity amp for my first EPI custom pro off craigslist. I was so impressed with it i started collecting more les pauls. Never been a fan of them in the past but this one really changed my view on LPs. Anyway, the second one i got was a worn cherry studio from guitar center. One thing i went back and forth with was a buzz the guitar had, an electrical buzz i couldnt seem to figure out. I tried everything i could think of, i removed all the pots and lined the inside cavity with foil and grounded the foil and back plate still had a buzz, i then
  9. I have a special and ive had a special 2, ive i were to buy another one ide get the special 2. The one i have now "The special" has a one piece tail/bridge all in one unit. Those IMO dont sound as good as the setup on a special 2 which is like a regular les paul as it has a tail piece and a bridge. There are 2 parts to the bridge, a string anchor tail piece part and the tune-o-matic bridge. The 2 part is a better design and has more adjustability. The one piece units have a fixed adjustability and usually they arnt set right so they always sound a little out of tune. least to my ears.
  10. What do these pickups look like? what do they say on the back? are they actual epiphone pickups? So far ive tried 5 different sets, the EPI special, the EPI LP100, the older studio (2010 i think) the 2014 and 2015 and an EPI LP custom pro. Ive looked at all the pickups sept the custom pro its pretty much stock and i havnt touched it. What kind of music do you like to play? what type of sound are you going for?
  11. Got the replacement, its got some pretty good dings in it also but they are on the side not as noticeable as the first one. I think the neck on the first one was better then this one but its not a bad guitar for $150. Anyone wanting a cheaper LP style and likes a thin neck the LP100 is a really good deal.
  12. Last week i found one of these on guitar center used section for $149. says "great condition" now a few weeks before i found an EPI studio that also said "great condition" for $199. that thing was darn near mint. So im thinking this LP100 is going to be great for $149. when i got it there were 2 HUGE dings on the front down near the output jack and on the back just across the body from the first one. The paint was chipped off the front finish the back not so bad. I messed with it all last night and got it setup REALLY nice. So far of the 4 EPIs i have so far this one has the thinnest neck
  13. Here is what i notice the closer the pickup is the more output the pickup seems to have, seems louder, more gain etc. With the pickups lower they sound cleaner, more detailed and i notice more sustain. Its like the magnets doesnt pull on the strings as much so they are more free to ring out longer. IMO the best of both worlds is a high output pickup like 16-17K and then lower. So you get a sound more detailed and smooth like a classic 57 or something but with more sustain. The older classic pickups with lower output similar to a 57 or something need to be really close to get a good hot
  14. A couple of my more played LPs i moved the top strap button to the back just to the left of the switch cavity. IMO this is where Gibson should of put the top strap button from the start it puts the strap in a WAY better location for holding the strap on.
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