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  1. Does anybody know FOR SURE what's going on with the Spirit basses? I have an XT-2 that I've had since 2011. It's maple neck-thru with maple wings. Great guitar. I'm thinking of getting a 5-string, so I do some research, since they've since been discontinued and then re-instated. Musician's Friend says they're still made like the one I have. Gibson/Epiphone Customer Service verifies that. BUT... the Epiphone website has two different pages for both the XT-2 and the XT-25, with different specs on each! Depending which page you look at, the body is either Poplar or Basswood, and rather than specifying "neck-thru" they say: "...body and 3-piece Hard Maple neck that together resonate as a single piece of wood." XT-2 Poplar http://www.steinberger.com/page20.html Basswood http://www.steinberger.com/Steinberger-XT-2-Standard-Outfit.html XT-25 Poplar http://www.steinberger.com/page27.html Basswood http://www.steinberger.com/Steinberger-XT-25-Standard-Outfit-5-String.html Anybody got the verifiable real skinny on this?
  2. Had an Epi Custom Shop SG for a while, neck dive was annoying and as I was in a "flipping" phase, sold it. Kinda regret it, as it was otherwise a nice guitar, and I'd'a probably got used to it, but so it goes! Never had a Gibson SG, so don't have any idea how it compares re neck dive. Thinking about an Iommi SG, but seems like more frets=more dive? Can any Iommi owners comment?
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