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  1. You are correct. I did have that link originally listed. However, I removed it after reading of this extremely negative experience by someone who bought it in the gear page forum: "The guitar arrived yesterday. Opened the case, picked it up with high hopes, this has got to be the worst example of a Gibson they have let out of the factory. The action was higher than a telephone pole, intonation was way off, the bridge pickup is weak even after adjustments. I have worked on this guitar for hours, it is a lost cause and is being returned. No where close to the quality of my other SG or Les Paul." link: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/ordered-a-new-gibson-limited-edition-sg-standard-24-fret-heritage-cherry.1598448/page-2
  2. As the title says, I am in need of advice on what model of SG to buy. I've wanted one for a very long time, and am suddenly in a position to be able to buy one at this point. I'm currently essentially a novice guitarist, but will soon have the opportunity to spend 2-3 hours a day, every day, improving my abilities. I would like to buy an SG now, that will serve me well over a long period of time, and as, hopefully, my playing abilities continue to increase. Due to some unusual upcoming constraints, the guitar I buy now will likely be my only guitar for the next decade, so it is very important that I select the right SG to buy for the money. My budget is $1200.00 or less,and I would probably buy used to maximize the value per dollar. I've been considering going with a used SG Standard (must have chrome pickups) but your knowledge, expertise and advice would be immensely appreciated. Thank you in advance. John
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