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  1. I have'nt had the sticky neck problem myself yet, but I do prefer an oiled finish... much easier to play. I use Finishing Oil on mine as you can wax it to get a very nice natural shine, much like Tru-oil I guess. Stripping guitar bodies can be a real task, usually just getting through the laquer is a nightmare, it just takes a lot of effort. Although you do run the risk of finding out the body is made up of multiple sections of timber and the grain pattern is all over the place, then you find the darkest stain you can and hope it hides everything. What Charvels do you have? I've tried a few and they were damn good guitars.
  2. Partly that, and partly the Floyd Rose which usually sucks a bit of bass from the tone. The Mahogany body on the Special is superb and certainly brings a lot of warmth to the tone. Quite impressed with the pick-up on it too, decent amount of output and great for high-gain stuff. If they continue making these I might be tempted to get another and give it a refinish, maybe back to bare wood, and add a single coil at the neck with a tone pot for some extra sounds and a 3-way switch.
  3. I did'nt have any choice in the colour as I think I probably had the last one in the UK, but it was Black... either one would have been fine. The first thing I did was replace the nut with a Tusq one... the frets also needed a polish and the fingerboard got a dose of lemon oil as it was bone dry. I'm really impressed with it so far, it has a great tone either plugged in or played 'acoustically', the neck is fast and comfortable and the build quality is pretty high. Because of the vintage style trem, it does'nt suffer from the slightly 'brittle' tone that the full Baretta did... although it takes some setting up to get proper 'dive-bombs' out of it without inventing strange new tunings when you lift the bar back up. I'll probably change the trem for a single-locking Floyd Rose in the future and perhaps locking tuners for convenience. Shame it's such a farce trying to order one.
  4. Yes, i'd had a look there but thanks anyway. I eventually found one with DV247, ordered it on Wednesday morning and was playing it less than 24 hours later. It seems a little odd and rather disappointing that some stores can have a certain instrument as general stock whilst people who've placed an order specifically have to wait an indeterminate time to get hold of one. I'll be staying well clear of ordering anything Gibson related unless I know it's physically sat in a store ready to be sold... C- must try harder.
  5. Apologies, your 'direct' tone masked the kindness completely ;-) I had the foresight to make sure that my order was placed specifically for me with the distributor... otherwise my original post would have been simply a rant. But thanks anyway.
  6. The fact still remains (which you avoided, well done) that Gibson aren't making/shipping enough of an item to fulfill an obvious demand. Regardless of whether I place my order directly with them or not. The dealer in question is obviously a Kramer sales outlet. So my point stands.
  7. So, I enquired about ordering a Baretta Special back in November to be told there were none in the country (UK)... the store informed me before Xmas that there was stock due at the end of January, so I ordered and paid for one. Come the end of January they hadn't received any and were told by Gibson Europe to expect them in 3-4 weeks... turns out only a handful made it to the UK and with demand being high, not all UK stores would receive any. The store I ordered from was one of those who didn't get anything. The next speculative import date was mid to late February... again nothing. This turned into the last weekend of March... guess what. The next shipping date is going to be anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and there will only be 2 dozen Specials imported so again, not all stores will get stock. Yes, I have emailed Gibson Europe about this, 4 times in fact, finally getting a rather brusque response on the fourth attempt in which they stated they have no record of my previous messages and maybe there was an issue with my PC. Also, they considered this to be an issue for the store to deal with and not them. I like to think i've been very patient during this ongoing fiasco but i'm now questioning the logic of a) Gibson Europe being unable to meet demand for an obviously popular instrument and being unable to provide firm shipping dates for stores that have taken orders, and secondly, why i'm bothering trying to support a brand that the owners of seem incapable of organising the proverbial drinking session in a brewery. Probably my fault for selling my '87 Baretta many years ago. Oh well.
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