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  1. IM NOT CHANING THE PICKUPS, Cant we have a ****ING discusion anymore?
  2. No need to apolisge, Im just some idiot kid. (*Sigh* another forums where I go and **** things up again.)
  3. Haha, go the Irish, Im sure Im around 1/3rd.
  4. Who said anything about Distorted pickups? I wanted to hear the different pickups with distortion added. BB Pros are nice, I cant decided whether I would like High Output or 57's (Warmer)
  5. Hehehe, good one Rich.
  6. I saw this one coming. I appoligise for my Ibanez bashing, but I really dont see how Ive been rude. I havent called anyone names, sworn at them. Dont say this thread isnt about me, or was it coincidence? Wait pre-pubescent, I hope you had hit puberty by 15 :P
  7. So what does the Aged effect? Scuff marks ect? Can Virtuoso polish be used to bring it back to a glossy like finish?
  8. Yeah thats the feeling there. I remember playing a American Strat in a shop, it just felt so right like my Paul. It may be the American made guitar thing (after my last disaster of a guitar) or something else, or coincidence?
  9. Was that just for those pickups or all?
  10. Anyone know? Id like some opinions on the comparison in my first post too :)
  11. Oh Fenders, I do love them, yet Gibsons are the Holy Grail and Art to me and many people here. (I saw your post in another thread) But dang, Strats have something beautiful about them, I would own one but something about Pauls. I can see my buying a Strat to play one bands songs...Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe if I got into the lighter blues (Im more of a Slash's Snakepit Blues guy) I just dont like the look of the specs and the look of Ibanez's. But like I said, every man to his own!
  12. Hmm maybe Slash, I dont like Claptons songs that much...
  13. Really? Man Custom Shop is confusing, this shop wont have any idea about this...
  14. Well to be honest, like I said, why worry over left-over carvings. Really, nothing is broken, missing or effecting tone. And the comment on Ibanez, well Ive just heard of the low quality wood and was pointing that out. If they sound fine, good! But I hear wood effects tone, and thats some bad wood (again so Ive been told) I too have a cheap Indonesion guitar, I opened it up tonight and the insides are discusting, you got luckey I suppose, or thats just Epiphone. I really dont know, Im just stating what I have been told. I appoligise. Back off to under my rock now..
  15. Naive and Rude? When am I ever rude to other members, nothing but respect. And Naive, in what areas? I know for a fact that Ibanez are made with lower quality woods...thats fact. Yeah Im still learning things about certian things, but I dont thing Naive is a word to describe it. Yes I do relise people are not always in a finacially sound situation to buy Gibson, but I said most people have LP's here because this is a Gibson Les Paul forum.
  16. 15 :) Most people here have LP's so most probably are in a nice situation.
  17. Good stuff mate, Congrats :)
  18. I wanted the pickups distorted..damn.
  19. Excellent thanks. What about 57's VS Seymore Duncan Alnico II Pro Pickups? Are they similar?
  20. The 57's/ 57 Plus Vs. The 490r/ 498T. Can the 57's get a hot tone like the 490s? Also, how are these BB1 and 2's that are in Reissues. I just want opinions on all of the above.
  21. Oww, that one is below the belt. Thats because they are not chambered. Whats the big deal with the wood chips thing now? I just asked if thats happened before and people start acting like its the end of the world. Oh noes,a bit of left over crap. Thanks but I'll still take my "Wood Chip filled" American guitar over some Metalhead guitar...Every man to his own.
  22. Which is the higher priced one, the VOS Aged one?
  23. Bahaha, Ibanez. Your not kidding? Oh, um, dont buy shitty Bass Wood. Oh NOES! Im an American Guitar Snob.....oh well, Im loving it.
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