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  1. If you have any more 335's you'd like to trade I'm sure I can find a gold top lying around someone I can pick up cheap and send your way!
  2. So I did a little nosing around and did find a few of these available on the U.S. side of the border but for a considerably higher price. Roughly 33% higher to be exact. I called a few retailers that were carrying it in the U.S. to verify model number and for the same guitar it is almost $1000.00 more CDN (so $700.00 roughlu USD). Not quite sure how that math works but I am glad I got mine here. The only reasoning I can see is the warranty because we don't get the lifetime warranty here, just whatever the retailer offers.
  3. 2015 Heritage Cherryburst Japan Ltd.
  4. Cause I'm not likely to forget my own name... I hope
  5. 2015 Traditional Heritage Cherryburst Japan Ltd.
  6. I also own one of these, and I am completely in love with it. It's nice to have a guitar that feels great, great neck and enough weight behind it to not feel floaty for a guy 6'3" and 285lbs.
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