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  1. Hello, I was rather surprised when straightening my neck on my 89 reissue of a 60s 335 Dot, for fret crowning. After moving the wrench 1/4 turn I found the Trust Rod Nut and part the thread of the rod filed down catching the Rod threads? Several Luther’s have since told me this was common practice at the factory to fit the cover?? The angle of the neck being the problem? It just about works but you pay thousands for that kind of work? Thanks guess I will try another but and see?
  2. So do you just follow a righty dirgram? Thanks
  3. Hello anybody know or wired a 50s wiring on a Lefthanded SG. I use righty controls as all Gibsons are that way I think? The vol pot, full on is clockwise off is counter. Same with tones. The ground lug on the vol pot is on the right as you look at the pot as per right handed. Do I just copy a right handed dirgram? Any help or advise would be great thanks Don H
  4. Thank you for your advice and time! My concern is whatever I use the thickness may prevent the bushing going back in straight? I have been using US 18 awg tinned copper wire for the pots ground and that seems to thick? The original wire is .10 B String diameter or close! The stud bushing is grooved so that helps if I can place the wire. I guess steel or copper. Shame there's not a better way thank you again Don H
  5. Hello all, I have a 74 SG with a broken ground wire? Having pulled the Stoptail Bushing and fished out the wire it looks and feels like a .10 Plain GTR B string, bendy etc. So many years on what do I use now? Any suggestions? Guitar strings are steel but coated? it has to be thin to go I the bushing hole and through the hole to the body cavity! The bushing when hammered in traps the wire? Thanks for your thoughts and advice! DH
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