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  1. It may depend on the model of the guitar. I have an LP Classic Plus, And originally ordered short shaft as advised. I then couldn`t get the nuts on. I had to relieve the holes, and dremel out the cavity to get them to fit. Lesson learned. Measure the thickness first, then order shaft lenghts as required.
  2. Hey guys, I`ll be 68 the 27th of this month. I guess right now I qualify as the oldest. Can`t play for nothing but have a lot of fun. I only have 6 guitars and 3 amps. And at my age don`t have time to practice.
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    Yeah CodeMonk, Thats what I`m trying to find out. Which and what kind of caps will make it cleaner?
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    Well guys, I have no cheap components in my guitar. all genuine Gibson. My amps are, Peavey Classic 30, and a brand new Epi VJ stack. ( love that amp). I`m not much of a wiring tech, and have a very basic understanding. I would like to just brighten it up, leaving the option of tone controls. It is much darker on the VJ than the Peavey. I am not interested in cheap components. I don`t care if the caps cost $30.00 if I get what I want sound wise. This is a MOJO harness and I have no Idea what type of caps they are, or who makes them for him. Are the treble bleeds those Little devils between the
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    Does any one have info on ceramic caps? My LP with .022 Mojo caps, and 57 Classic neck, and 57 Classic Plus bridge, is just too dark for my 68 year old ears. They are genuine Gibby pickups. From what I understand, the ceramic caps are brittle sounding. Is this correct? I would like to brighten and clarify the tone. But I don`t want brittle. My preference is for very clear and even ocross the board. I use D`Addario 10`s. I didn`t really want to lay out the cash for new pickups. Hell, these are new. This is an Epi Classic Plus. Any suggestions are welcome, and open for consideration. I would li
  6. That happened to my LP. I was able to pull the bushings out with my fingers.. I cut some shims out or a plastic for sale sign, Put them in the holes and tapped them back in with a rubber mallet. I put a new ground wire in and left it long enough to come through the top of the bushing, along the edge of the bushing. after I seated the bushing, I trimmed the excess wire off with sharp wire cutters. That really tightened it up and gave me much more sustain, and a better ground at the bushing, I haven`t had a problem since. I think they actually drilled the holes too big. I doubt that the hloes ar
  7. The pickups in this guitar are very hot. I`ve been looking for that tone at the expense of buying pickups on reccomendations from others. It blows my LP classic away with 57 classics, And a plus in the bridge.,I`ve been thinking along the lines of something hotter in my Classic. 57`s are kind of laid back for my taste. I have a Joe Pass for laid back. Damn, I like this ugly old guitar. Maybe I`ll trade my strat for an Epi valve Jr. stack. I have a Strat copy that I like better than my MIM. With presently 8 guitars, I think I have all tones I like covered. I have decided to Keep this thing. Pla
  8. Ah I think I`ll leave it alone, As far as i know they are the stock pickups. They say Epiphone on the back. They came new with Zebras. New strings and setup this morning. I like the way the ugly thing sounds and plays DFon`t call my guitar ugly. It can`t help it. I`m old and ugly myself.
  9. Kevin, I live in Freeport. He don`t have anything left. SoBe is an energy drink. I agree its pretty ugly,but couldn`t pass it up for the price. It sounds pretty good, in fact I like it with the tone knobs backed off otherwise it`s too crisp for my taste. Of course it will need new strings and a decent setup. Has a 60`s styly neck like my Classic Plus. This makes my third Epi . If nothing else I`ve been gassing for an Epi valve jr. May try to trade it. At any rate whatever I decide, I cant go wrong on this one. I was in such a hurry to get out of there, that I forgot to ask him if he had the gi
  10. Does any one know anything about the Sobe ? I know they were a promotional item. http://www.guitar-museum.com/guitar.php?ID=1389 Any way Seems like pretty hot pickups. Van Halen type stripes, Lizard headstock. Very interesting guitar. I picked one up at a yard sale today. The Guy wanted $40.00. I talked him down to $25.00. Great condition. It`ll probably take some tweaking, but plays nice as it is. Probably original strings. I saw one review on it at Harmony Central. The Guy said the pickups were made in U S A I know it was made in China in 2004. Any info greatly appreciated. Can`t find
  11. O.K. Thanks a lot folks. I`ll grab some and go to work. Next to my strats it`s a very dark guitar. My Emperor 2 is some what brighter. If the caps don`t do it for me, I`ll be looking for some brighter humbucks. Don`t want noisey P 90s.
  12. Okay, so I try a lower cap value. Can anyone reccomend a good quality cap? Cost is not much of an object. Don`t want 100.00 caps though. I guess I`ll try that first. I dont really want to take the covers off. And I don`t want to lose the creamyness of the 57`s just brighten them. I don`t want to change the pots again, they are genuine Gibson, and work really well. Thanks Guys and Gals
  13. Well, now i`m totally confused. I am also ignorant about this stuff. Is it evem possible to brighten the tone on the 57 Classics? I have played with pickup height and amp settings for 6 months to no avail. Does anyone know for sure how to brighten them? All opinions welcome. Thanks.
  14. I am also interested in what voltage would work best.
  15. I have a question about caps. About 6 months ago, I installed a 57 classic and a 57 classic plus in my Epi LP Classic Plus. I also installed a Mojo harness W/ 22 uf caps. I would like a brighter tone from this setup. What would you folks reccomend to accomplish this via caps?> It`s just darker than I like.
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