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  1. Hallo everyone, I would appreciate if somene could tell WHERE to get a Reverse Firebird l pickguard. Same looking as other reverse FB models but sans the hole for the toggle switch. The Firebird l is a single PU model and mine is from 1998 or 1999 Historic Collection. Thanks in advance, Andreja
  2. L5 Larry, Many thanks for the detailed explanation. I got a answer finaly from someone who knows what is going on. I will try to explain what is happening in my case. - When using J1 one pick up works (Lead) + middle position ( both pick ups). When I go to J2 the other PU works (rythm) + middle position ( both pick ups). In no case any of the 2 inputs give me MONO with both PU's working indivisualy + middle position with both on. I can get one PU working in J1 and the other pick up in J2. I suppose that there must be some kind of bad connection somewhere than enables me to have the correct (standard)Mono output. I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks again and Greetings - Andreja
  3. HI EVERYONE, This is the second part of my post I send many months ago and never got any answer. WHY??? Here I go again: I have here one of those 80anniversary BB KING comemorative guitars. For sometime I tought that the wiring was bad( and have posted it on a Forum, but never got a answer...) because definittly something was wrong with the wiring.I hate to mess with original factory wirings and there is no Gibson service where I live. Anyway I took it to my tech and he discovered that there is 2 mono output jacks ( and not 1 stereo + 1 mono as stated in the Gibson add). Is this a mistake from the factory for the guitar that costs like 3 or 4 regular BB Lucyles? Please advice what is the original wiring supposed to be? This way right now I need a 2 input jacks to get the guitar working on both pick ups. There is no Stereo output jack provided inside just 2 MONO output jacks. Come on... I own more than 20 Gibson guitars from the 50's to 2008. I am a old Gibson player and I never came across such situation. Gibson should take more care about expencive guitars like this one, and provide answers to owners who are proud to own such guitars. Awaiting reply from Administrator or Gibson people...and you Forum members... Andreja
  4. Why to buy a cheap electric if you already have the good one? I would always prefer to play a great guitar than a copy from China or India. It's easier to learn and it gives pleasure to the work. ROBOt........if it really works as they say it's FANTASTIC. I remember the pain of learning how to tune properly. If you don't have a teacher you have a problem. When I started playing there was no such thing as TUNERS. The first tuners came in the early 80's KORG made lot of money seling them... Try tuning by ear or with a telephone signal that was if I recall correctly a A note... Thata was a refernce for few years... Today ROBOT is cool.+ you have the other open tunings.Maybe it's confusing for a first lesson but kkep playing the guitar it's the only way to learn it. AMEN
  5. I bought mine in 2004 with a Bigsby Tailpiece. Does anybody knows how many were made? I have seen numbers up to about 250 - 300 so I suppose there were around 300 guitars made in all (with stoptail and with Bibsby vibrato). Can I have some info regarding that model? Thanks in advance for your reply, Andreja
  6. Hallo there, I need some help from you guys at the Forum as well as HELP from the Administrator: I have one of those very limited B.B. King guitars with a 80 on a headstock. Since I got it the guitar few years ago I have some kind of bad connection with the output jack. I' is a stereo guitar that also has a mono output, so there is 2 output jacks, and none of them actually work as should...I believe something is wrong with the wiring to the output jack or with the toggle switch, because when the guitar is plugged she refuses to give sound on one of one of the PU's. Using Mono cable: 1) I have both PU's working in the middle position and I have the rhythm PU working as should but when I switch to lead / bridge PU it doesn't work. 2)When using the other output jack with a mono cable is the contrary occurs the rhythm PU doesn't work. The Varitone apparently works fine in all the positions but eventually there is a bad connection somewhere...? I want to fix it but where and what shall I do? where to start looking to find out the Problem and the solution? Can I have some kind of schematic for this model? How is this guitar wired with the Varitone? Thanks in advance for your assistance. A+
  7. how about the COA in 2001-2002? was it available with the Historic ES series?
  8. does it have the orange label with Nashville USA or Memphis USA??? The serial on your guitar is a 2005 . I don't know for sure when Gibson have moved the production of semis to Memphis... The orange label should indicate that. Enjoy the new baby...
  9. I have what seems to be a Historic ES355 ( no serial on the back of the headstok, no made in USA, no CS label). When I bought it it didnt came with the COA, is that correct? On the orange label there is the serial number. It says Nashville - made in USA. I suppose this one was made at Nashville CS in 01 - 02 before Memphis started to make semi solids. My question is: is there different orange labels now? on the Memphis orange label is there writen Memphis? Are the semis 335 style guitars still being made down in Nashville? all CS 335, 345, 355 are now made in Memphis? or there is still some ES 335 style being made in Nashville plant? Thanks in advance for clearing that out.;)
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