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  1. Verkaufe Gibson SG Meldoy Maker 1968! Pickups entfernt. Guter Zustant + original Case
  2. Can you tell me where i can find this area here? im kinda stupid if it comes to internet :)
  3. Yeah, youre right it would be a great feeling to play it! eventhough i would never sell it for 300$ I got a mail from gibson, that it is from 1968.
  4. what do you think guys?
  5. oh no, i didn't notice that. thank's for your advice honestly... i don't know what it is worth right now. so i couldn't set a price at this moment
  6. Yes, i play guitar. I have a few guitars here but im not sure if ill keep the SG for myself. That's why i ask for
  7. Thanks for so much information guys! I'll sell it, in that condition,if you are interested tell me. otherwise i'll restoration it.
  8. Thank you guys... what do you think how much a restoration will cost?
  9. here are some photos.
  10. I found it at my grandfathers house after he past away. all the electronic is removed Ill post a photo soon.
  11. marcello87

    Gibson SG

    hey guys! well, i found a gibson electric guitar on a roof. but i cant figure out what year it was build and where. i tried the SN thing, but i couldnt get details. but maybe im too stupid :))) It is INKED into the back of the headstock 960353! thanks for reading guys, hope you could help me
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