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  1. I'm definetely reading you guys. I'm going to follow your advice and pass. Thank you! And I won't bigsby it
  2. It's not a good year for Reissues?
  3. And I'd like to put it back on! Could you tell me why
  4. For my Gibson ES 335 figured Antique Natural. I don't know the guy, but he seems very nice and I feel like trusting him. So it's not that I'm suspicious... I don't really care about the "money" here, if I trade it I don't want to resale it, I'd plan to keep it. I just want to know if this is a fair trade. The 335 is brand new, I just got it so it only got a couple of hours of playtime, but so far I'm really enjoying it and was going to keep it, and the sound is amazing. It costs 3000€ here in Europe. (https://www.thomann.de/es/gibson_es_335_figured_na_2014.htm?sid=a055ccc0c1b9e92977a964997cccd4b0) I know nothing about Reissues, it seems a nice guitar but I need you guys to throw some light on here... It's a 2007 Gibson Historic Les Paul VOS R8. It's not all stock, it's been modified: -The stock PUPs have been replaced and they are not included. I think they were BB, the currents pups are "Fralin Humbucker" (I don't know them but they must be good) -The bridge has been replaced, but the original one is included in the deal. -Same thing with the tuners, current: Gotoh, but still keep the original ones. -It had a bigsby installed and had some drilling done. The holes have been refilled but the bigsby can be reinstalled in 10 minutes and it's also included. (I'm not sure how, I think the holes were filled with plaster or something like that...) -The frets show much wear (recrown probably?) -Original case and candy What do you guys think?
  5. Today I met a guy with a fake Gibson SJ-200 and it really surprised me, I'm not talking about the sound since I didn't hear it, but the looks were really good to my unexpert eye. I thought acoustics were harder to fake, but this one seemed really well done. I've got a songwriter that I bought some time ago which I'm selling cause I don't like its sound, it sounds cheap and I've played other acoustics that sounded much better being cheaper and even smaller (Gibson LG-2 for example). It looks like a gibson and smells like a Gibson, it doesn't sound like a Gibson tho, I wanna make sure I'm selling the real thing. Can you guys confirm it's the real deal? And I'd appreciate some advices to spot fake acoustics in the future.
  6. Thank you for all your replies guys, I don't want to return the guitar because I like it how it plays and sounds, so unless this is something that you highly recommend because it can cause problems in the future, I'm keeping it. I'm going to replace the strins and give it some time to see if it gets smooth.
  7. I've had this standard 2016 for about a month. Yesterday I noticed that bending around the 10h fret with the lower strings feel somehow "sandy", it's not smooth as it is in my other guitar. This is something new and it wasn't like this before. I tried cleanning the strings and the frets but it still doesn't feel smooth. I'm wondering if this may have something to do with fret wear.
  8. About 90% Swahili music and 10% rock/hard rock/blues. Well, I'm actually going to keep the Les Paul, just wanted to know what you guys think about the 339 compared to it.
  9. Thank you so much for your answerr Rabs
  10. So, which one would you choose? Considering it's going to team up with a Fender Stratocaster, and they must complement each other. ES-339: BB 1 & 2 Standard: BB pros
  11. Crap, how does that even happen... So the nut usually does not have lacquer on it? And no, I don't feel that confident with a sharp blade near my Gibson Now I'm kind of worried about it, I feel like the lacquer is not 100% sealed now, it got a thick edge, which is still on the nut, but I'm afraid it can start peeling off with time. Do I have reasons to think that the finish of the neck is somehow compromised now? Or I shouldn't worry about it coming off... Thanks Rabs.
  12. Hello guys, today I noticed some kind of plastic layer on my standard's (2016 model) nut which was coming off, so I grabbed some tweezers and started removing it, thinking it was just another plastic like the one that was on the bridge, but after removing part of it, it seems not to be just a plastic, I don't know how to explain it properly since English is not my main language, but it looks like some kind of layer that continues with the glossy finish. When I realised I stopped cause I'm afraid that I can mess up somehow, I feel like if I keep peeling it off I'd get to the neck. I can post pictures if neccesary.
  13. Completely brand new, haven't been played at all and obviously in mint condition, not a single scratch. With its original case and candy. What would be a good price? Do you recommend using Ebay to sell it? Oh, I'm in Europe and its price here is about 2270€ (Thomann)
  14. These days I've been comparing the sound of two LP, a Traditional 2016 and a Standard 2016. Yesterday I added a LP deluxe 2015 that I borrowed from a friend and this even made the comparison harder. One would think it would be easier: plug them and just choose the one that sounds best. I'm sure many of you would just need a minute with them, but it's much harder for me, I don't have enough experience and I'd like to learn. Here are my thoughts: -The LP standard sounds a bit thinner and not as a loud as the traditional. The traditional in the other hand has a sound that is rough and sharp, louder and maybe with more presence. At first I associated these facts with a better sound, and came to the conclusion that the traditional's sound was better. But now that I've added the Deluxe I'm confused again. Why? because the deluxe's sound is even louder with the +15 Db switch on, and therefore it's more agressive and rough (and they are mini humbuckers!) So at this point I'm basically thinking that I'm associating loudness with quality, and I'm possibly missing other important aspects. English is not my first language, so I'm sorry if wasn't clear enough.
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