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  1. I know there are pre 2016 vintage, question is if pre 2016 models are top cured!! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering if pre 2016 vintage models (like Hummingbirds) come with the cured (Thermal) top. I have seen secondhand vintage hummingbirds for 2500 and a 2016 costs 4500 aprox!! Thanks all!! Have a nice day!
  3. Hi all, I am faced with this call it problem. I have a Rickenbacker 330 Fireglow which I seldom use but love the sound and the shape of the guitar, I have 3 acoustics (Guild D-1212, Gibson Dove and Gibson J200) most of the time I play my acoustics since it´s way much simpler than pluggin the amp, I would like to go for a hummingbird ( I would like some Mahogany sound) I was asked to trade my Ricky for a Hummingbird, I have to pay like 500 dollars on top of my Ricky to get the Bird. Somedays I say go for it and some days I have second thoughts about the trade in. If I let my Ricky go I have a Tele if someday I want to tear down the house; but I do enjoy my acoustics. I know some of you had second thoghts when it comes to trading instruments, what would you do guys? Thanks all for the advice!!
  4. Thanks a lot ! I will see. It´s a hard decision!
  5. Hi all, I am in the process of deciding my next acoustic. Let me tell you some details, I already have a Dove and a J-200, of course both Maple. I was thinking of mahogany or rosewood. I know there are differences in tone. I do some strumming and some fingerpickin though I am improving my technique. I play mostly Tom Petty / Dylan / Byrds / Beatles. I am between these two models: Hummingbird --- Martin HD 28. I like the look and the woody sound of the bird, but the idea of a Martin also attracts me though they are plain looking. Can you strum and sing along with the Martin? Your views will be much appreciated. PD Where I live there are no music shops to try out those instruments. Unfortunately I will buy them on the web. Thanks for your time.
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