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  1. Hello guys, this time I've got a question that probably only one that has done the thing himself could answer to but anyway, I certainly think it's worth asking. I have with me a Vox AC15c2. As some of you may know since the early 90s Vox amps have switched the production models to having solid state rectifiers versus tube that was in the original circuit(and certainly there are many more things that differentiate early and current production models). Anyway this is not a topic that I intend to discuss the pros and cons of each rectifying medium, I am already ear-convinced that a n
  2. Hello gibson forum, this is my first thread here and I hope there are many to come. Let me start off by saying that my main guitar now is a washburn WI64, nice guitar overall though a regular les paul player may have to take some time to adjust to. It is a humbucker guitar, simple as can be, has taken quite a beating from her previous owner but nothing that can't be taken care of nevertheless. So, here I am, saving money for new pickups. After some research that I did, for the sound that I want, I almost immediately fell into Pete Biltoft's Humbucker Sized P90s. I contacted Pete mentioni
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