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  1. I checked out the forum threads on SG classics but couldn't really gather from the existing posts whether or not the SG Classic (with P-90s) was still in production. I only see it listed for sale "new" with Musicians Friend and GC -- but I though they might be returns or slightly abused NOS. I usually deal with Sweetwater when ordering any gear I can't get from a reputable local music store and they couldn't confirm whether they could get an SG Classic from Gibson any time soon -- thus further leading me to believe it might be out of production. Thanks! Thought I'd share a short clip
  2. +1 on keeping in case. it buffers the effects of temperature and humidity change. get a good humidistat to keep a check on the humidity Caliber III Thermometer Hygrometer
  3. Pretty good idea, too! Don't want an autographed guitar a year or two or three from now, just replace the pickguard. Anybody know what effect the pen would have on the lacquer finish of the body or vica versa anyway? I'm by no means a paint expert!
  4. The Astroverb is the last toy I get for a while... I swear!!! Got a great crunch and is a little easier to reign in for lower volume playing than my Orange Rocker 30 combo. I thoroughly enjoy both though and each has its own type of overdrive sound -- exactly what I was going for. The Soldano is a little nicer for blues, too, and way easy to get some bright spanky tones out of.
  5. Ah see... I went and jinxed myself by posting this!!! So was cleaning things up after jamming with my buddies and heard a light rattle around the controls on the LP. Turns out there are loose nuts on two of the pots under the knobs on the face of the guitar and the washers are jingling around a bit. Since the 08 Std uses the PCB mounted pots though they're still rock solid and not wobbly and don't spin past the end of the rotation like they do when they're mounted independently -- was a little tricky to identify because of that. No big deal though. I'll get around to tightening them u
  6. I've got an 08 Std LP -- it was Plek'd. Action was on spec but still too high for my taste. I've since lowered it with no ill effects. It's no different than any other guitar. I think that Plek'ing *may* do a better job to ensure that the frets themselves are all level down the entire length of the fretboard. I mean, they could either pay someone to level and dress frets and check action or they can program a machine to do it a lot faster -- I'm sure the machine pays off in the long run. Just FYI there are videos on YouTube showing the Plek machine in action at Gibson.
  7. Yup and the script font on the truss rod cover isn't right. That was the first funky looking thing that caught my eye. Compare your shot to the one from Are Nine and you can see.
  8. Agree on the not getting too stressed about the measurements. The factory specs are a good reference point to make sure that your instrument doesn't have any major problems, isn't *way* out of spec, or can't be brought at least close to spec. I go for the lowest action I can without any major buzzing. You'll always have *some* light buzzing here and there when you go low low but that's just the price you pay. Minor buzzing is usually not noticeable through an amp. Careful with the truss rod and just remember that straightening the neck completely is not the proper way to lower overall act
  9. Tons of attenuators out there to look at and different people have reported different results. Usually the more you spend the better the result. The really cheap ones you find on ebay are resistive loads only, not reactive. In a nutshell it means that it will suck tone bigtime. I personally just started running a Koch Loadbox 2. It's amazing and built like a tank -- but not the cheapest of attenuators. It does come with some really cool features though. THD Hotplate Koch Loadbox 2 Dr Z Air Brake Weber MASS
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