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  1. With all the variations of the serial numbers and the vast inconsistency, are there other ways to verify the year a LPC was made? I've a lot of random information, different year serial numbers used different fonts, different spacing, different serial number patterns, etc. For example, say I have '57 Les Paul Custom with a serial number "7 6XXX". Now this could be a 1986, 1996, 2006 or even a 2016. What I'm looking for are other ways to identify a LPC, like different tuners, pick ups, pots dates? Thanks.
  2. Sorry, not trying to be villainous 😉 The headstock belongs to a '93 1954 LPC reissue I was considering.
  3. Came across this guitar, and I'm not familiar with this headstock sticker. Can anyone confirm it's legit?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm sort of new to the Gibson guitar world, having been a long time player of a "competing brand in Corona, Ca". Please help me understand the differences I'm seeing in the different monikers on Gibson electric guitars. I'm seeing stuff labeled "Historic", "Memphis", "Nashville", "R[x]" and I'm assuming these are all coming from the Gibson Custom Shop. If there a web page that makes sense of all this, and I'm not that good at finding it via the Googles? 😉
  5. That's what I've found in my research as well. I really wanted the Bigsby, and it took a while find the right one (that isn't coming from a dealer in Japan).
  6. There are a few, i had no idea the were that rare. It seems like "Lucille" is still very popular!
  7. Thanks, I'll check this out! I asked my local "dealer", and he claimed with was a "custom shop order".
  8. Dad. Geek. Guitar Player. 

  9. Hello All, I'm new to ES ownership, just recently purchasing a used 2009 ES-355 with a Bigsby, to compliment my '11 ES-355 dot reissue. I'm a curious person, and I'm not finding a whole lot of information on ES-355s on the Internets 🙂 so I wanted to ask all you experts a few questions. I've seen mostly 2009-11, 2015-2017 and they seem to be even more scarce from 80s-90s. Since Gibson doesn't list a ES-355 as part of this year's collections, how often does Gibson actually manufacture these models? Oh, and attached is the gratuitous picture of my ES guitars, because pictures are always fun!
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