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  1. Traditional has beefier neck, which some say is better sounding. It's just personal preference. I looooove standards
  2. Yeah the standard is the more innovational model, so it's never the same each year. That's why people are on the edge with particular years. However, I do like the traditional a lot, especially with its chunky neck.
  3. Gibson Les Paul Standard vs. Gibson Les Paul Traditional My favorite is the Standard, but what is yours? :D
  4. You're good bro. Gibson probably rushed it. Gibson isn't as neat this year with their work as they were.
  5. Gibson Les Paul Standard vs. Gibson Les Paul Traditional My favorite is the Standard, but what is yours? :D
  6. Thank you so much guys you are all the best
  7. Basically after I lowered the tail piece without loosening the strings, I asked my private teacher to set up it up for me to make sure and this is how it looks like now. Ps he knows what he's doing and the neck is bowed a little because the action is a little low, but I like it like that so I can shred and sweep. Here are some pictures of the headstock and bridge below. You guys think it's all good?
  8. With the strings not loosened?
  9. ,I recently bought a Gibson 2016 standard t and I realized the stop bar tailpiece was too high so I adjusted it. While I was lowering it, the screws were really hard to turn because I didn't realize I forgot to loosen the strings before doing so. Ever since that I've been loosening the strings before so it was just that one time I forgot to. The guitar is set up perfectly and everything is fine but I'm still worried that something broke was messed up from the tension I was forcing the screws. My private teacher who has had a les Paul for 20 years says its all good but I'm still worried that al
  10. I just bought my first Gibson Les Paul and I wanted to know what info you can get from the serial number. Its 160059786
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