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  1. But wouldn't the wood (maple) itself show some discoloration if it was moisture damaged? It seems unaffected.
  2. Here are pics of the finish damage on my SJ200. Endpin was a factory install. Jeremy of Gibson suggested water damage from damp it, but I think that unlikely as I wring them out and wipe them down before installing. But anythings possible I guess. My guess is that I banged it into something (not hard enough to leave a ding) but hard enough to crack an already weakened finish? I don't know.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Will send photos.
  4. My 5 year old SJ200 has a 1.5 x 1.5 inch section near the end pin that is bare wood! The nitro finish has flaked off. Anyone else ever had this? I'm hoping an authorized Gibson repairman will fix this for me for no charge. Any advice would be welcome as to the best way to handle this. By the way, it is not expanding and doesn't effect any playability...no issues other than cosmetic. Thanks!
  5. First, let me say that I practice three times a day. So no need for my fellow guitarists to post "just play the thing" etc. I had two 72 hour sessions with my 2-year old Jumbo. It has helped. It does indeed sound more broken in, and I'm not smart enough to describe in words what that means. Less harsh, more resonant, more sustain. You can just feel it in your chest a little more when you strum. I finger pick on it as well, so the notes sound more mellow, which I like. Well, there you have it. Have a good day, everybody and keep on rockin.
  6. It's been broken in...but I feel there's more to be discovered. Anyone else use the Tonerite for their Gibson? How did it work out? Can you offer me any advice? Thanks. David
  7. I too was advised by my luthier to dress the frets when he lowered the action on my jumbo. Have not regretted the expense; it's make playing my git even more enjoyable.
  8. Git all this Kyser crap off my post.
  9. Playing my first gig with my new SJ200. Slapped a kyser capo on the neck, stored it on the headstock...when I got home I noticed that the capo had left a mark (small blackish dot) on the neck and a rectangular line (same size as the capo) across my beautiful, formerly pristine, Gibson logo. Anybody else had this happen? My luthier said it was because of the reaction of the rubber on the capo and the nitrocelliouse finish on the guitar. All said, it's a small blemish, but it bothers me immensely; I take care of my guitars. Can anyone offer any advice, condolences?
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