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  1. Hi all, Funny enough I watched a youtube video from Andertons UK and they had a ES339 withwhat Chappers thought was an Ebony board that turned out to be dyed,,, haha, problem solved [confused]
  2. Hi all, newbie to the forum,, Just got hold of an old Triggerman 60,, Question, Extension Speakers, I have a 2x10 extension cab which runs 2 Celestion 10thirty's but both speakers test at 6.7 Ohms (ie) 13.4 total Ohms,can I run this with the amp?.. Q2,, Do I disconnect the internal speaker or leave it connected or do I rewire the speakers in parellel for 6.7 Ohms,, BTW the Extension Jack states 8Ohm min... All help gratefully received,,, Thanks in advance [thumbup]
  3. Hi Bud, me looking for a manual for same,, did you ever get one? Have you still got it? If yes, could you Email it to me? Thanks, Abervalleyboy
  4. Hi all, Newbie just joined the community, I have played for a few years and am now retired,own a standard in blueburst and a special 11 in ebony,, I have just become the proud owner of a Triggerman 60 DSP and I am wondering if any of the very helpful people on here would have a copy of the owners manual they could Email to me in PDF format.. Any assistance would be truly appreciated [thumbup]
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