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  1. R8. It's pretty plain
  2. ejphotos

    My 09 R8

    Here's my 2009 R8. Killer guitar. Nice big neck, 9 pounds 2 ounces. Actually found the original owner of this guitar on this site, but he hasn't been here since 2013 lol.
  3. ejphotos

    my '58 VOS

    Bump! I now own this R8. Trying to reach the original owner, eljay.
  4. ejphotos

    R8 Club

    This thread needs a bump! And it needs to be moved to the correct forum lol. I now have the above pictured R8: Trying to get in contact with eljay, he hasn't been on since 2013.
  5. Nice grain on that one.
  6. Yeah they go to my junk mailbox too. However I don't read them so I don't even bother to mark it as safe lol.
  7. It's hard to go by internet reviews. Who knows if it's just the select few who've had issues, and the rest have no issues and just choose not to write a review.
  8. Keep in mind that Standard's have a compound radius fretboard and an asymmetrical neck profile, where as the Traditional has the 12" radius and (mostly) 50's profile neck (some are made with 60's profile).
  9. On the newer model Custom Shop reissues, Gibson is using a more "vintage correct" gold color, where there is a green hue to it. Looks nice.
  10. My '16 Standard has no QC issues. It's a well built guitar.
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