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  1. I've been able to open mine with the wrong combination. The locks aren't that secure lol
  2. I just picked up a hand wired Vox AC15 with a Celestion Greenback. 335 plugged into it sounds glorious
  3. Very nice - really nice color. Enjoy
  4. Nice! These are great cases, I personally think they are more sturdy than the new brown cases. For production years, 02 could be correct. My '01 335 has this style case, but my '03 LP Classic has the black case/black lining/black silk cover. My '95 Studio has this exact same case. I believe they started using them in 1990?
  5. You don't see that every day. Cool!
  6. Nice. The double creams look great in there. Enjoy
  7. Thanks! For my amp I have the Boss Katana 100 combo - very versatile. Also have a small Orange that I plug into every now and then to make sure it still works lol. Also have a Line6 Pod HD500X to go direct, using my own patches I've edited. For effects I use the three Boss 500 series pedals - Modulation, Delay, and Reverb. I can run it through the effects loop of either the amp or the Pod.
  8. Heh, it sure is a lovely guitar.
  9. Awesome deal on that! My 95 Studio is an awesome guitar
  10. Thanks! It sure is a nice one
  11. Thanks! It was built in Memphis. I had that same question because I know Gibson opened the Memphis factory in 2000. So I contacted Gibson and they confirmed it was Memphis. Thanks! Yeah it covers a lot of ground
  12. Those are two very nice guitars and a nice amp to go with it. Love wine red finishes on LP, my LP Studio is wine red.
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