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  1. Hello fellow guitar gurus! I'm trying to date an Epiphone Casino made in Kalamazoo with the Factory "compensating" Epiphone Tremolo. serial number 101025 I've waded through a bunch of info but thought you all were my best shot. Having trouble uploading an image but it is tobacco sunburst, chrome p-90's,parralelogram mother of toilet seat inlays. Looking for a Date of manufacture. Thanks!
  2. I did and you authenticated it as genuine thank you!
  3. the comparison comes from the fact both the J-45 & my 1960 LP had that consistent thin profile up the neck. Most acoustics get progressively & substantially thicker towards the heel... I love this neck!
  4. Found one identical to mine & it's a Modern Classic like many of you have suggested! Again thanks for all the input & patience.
  5. I'm referring to the thickness... Nice & thin not chunky.
  6. Boyd I had a 1960 LP special that had a very similar neck profile, very shallow & consistent up the neck
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpkzdm73mnibidn/FullSizeRender%282%29.jpg?dl=0
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpkzdm73mnibidn/FullSizeRender%282%29.jpg?dl=0
  9. yes rotomatic tuners. hopefully post a link from dropbox tonight
  10. stamped, white label inside serial number matches on both thanks
  11. I get it... its telling me I've used all my alloted attachment size.
  12. will drop box work?
  13. so frustrating... no matter how small i make the pics keep telling me file too large..
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