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  1. mmmm, watermelon, square dancing, and ghost clouds - very cool.
  2. Another women with a guitar and, a Gibson!
  3. thinking of voices that have been recorded, I'd have to say that finding your own voice and making work for you is pretty much what it's about. How about Tiny Tim's voice. I'll bet that you can hear it right now, eh? Worked for him.
  4. probably, or, maybe not? Whichever way you go you'll still have GAS to deal with. Too little info to go on really to give you any formed opinion.
  5. I think that the best reflection for our playing, and, by default, tone, comes right back to us from those we are playing for - the audience/listeners. I think that the true measure of the tone you get from your guitar comes back to you immediately and, also after the fact in the comments you receive. Tone is pretty subjective to me. Of course there certainly are differences, but, what you do with what you've got and are hopefully happy with is what ultimately hits home and, to me, matters.
  6. that's a make you feel good song right there. Thanks.
  7. that would be really handy too, and, it'd also be the first time the drummer "drove" to the next gig.
  8. Thought that this is kind of nice . . . http://pickinparlor.nationalguitar.com/_The-old-steamboat-blues-/VIDEO/1120063/51645.html?widgetId=321879
  9. "The concept of a 14-15" body with a wider 12 fret neck warms the cockles of my heart. " +1 +1 +1
  10. take a look at wildwoodguitars.com as they now have Limited Edition Goldtop J45's as a commemorative edition to Les Paul. Only 50 made apparently. Seems easier than the refinish route for sure.
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