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  1. Thank you man. I was sure i looked there !
  2. New to the forum here. Doesnt look to active ; ) So i have been eyeing the Kramer sm-1 white with duncans , and im getting close to buying . Problem is , the only three dealers that sell it , do it as a special order only with no refunds if i dont like it. Im pretty sure i will like it , but in the small chance i dont ( im a little leery of Korean made neck throughs ) i want to be able to return it. I talked to a guy at the kramer division and he said there should be a dealer that stocks it. I have looked all over and all i find is sweetwater , music zoo, and Amazon. All special orders , no refund. I checked everywhere else and i cant find anyone else that caries it in stock . So whats the deal ? There must be some somewhere if they can get it to me in a week or two - so i dont see why i couldn't have the option of a refund if i dont like it. It gets pretty good reviews on youtube so i dont see how reselling a guitar that nice would be hard ? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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