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  1. I appreciate everyones input. I'm planning on seeing if I can get an opinion in person and I'll report back. Thanks guys :)
  2. I cased it after playing it, then only opened it now. It's a lesson learned I guess. Luckily my other guitar (an Angus SG) has held up without any problems!
  3. Hi everyone, After a few years of absence, I've recently been reunited with my faded Les Paul. I opened the case to find a black stain on the top of the guitar! The guitar has been unopened in its case for the entire time and I'm looking for some ideas on what it may be and what to do about it. I've tried a dab of water to rub it off, but no luck. I've sent a picture to Gibson customer service and they seem to think it's a mineral streak. I'll be following it up with a local service centre too. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. You can imagine my pain given how obvious the ma
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